Confiscated Guns from Criminals? Give them to the POOR!

Here’s a novel idea, let’s give confiscated guns to low income families for protection.

Common sense tells us that low income areas have higher crime rates.  Low income areas have a lot of problems that revolve around.. drumroll.. low income.  Civil services which rely on taxation to help fund them suffer.  But we’ll just focus on the law enforcement aspect of this.

I planned on going into law enforcement for a long time. I even got a Criminal Justice Degree.

I was going to get in gun fights for a living! Woohoo!  (I planned on winning them all by the way)

Then I got out of college and realized being a local cop doesn’t pay.  So I enlisted.

Yay gun fights but with GRENADES!


6 years of preparing to slay the enemies of freedom and no deployments.  I missed an entire war. (That’s another blog post right there.)

So cops right?  Low income areas are even worse.  You are paid miserably low, you probably have a family and are receiving food stamps, and you work in a high crime/high risk area where everyone wants to shoot you sitting in your car or stab you in the back.  On top of this, you have to worry about the legal/political ramifications of actually DOING YOUR JOB. Heaven help you if you shoot someone a different skin color.  You’ll be politically crucified and villainized until YOU have to go into Witness Protection.

So let’s help them out.

Arm the would-be victims. The more rapists, murders, thieves they slay in alleys and in your home the less of a burden placed on society. These are the people who have to dwell in such hell holes, scurrying about under constant fear of becoming a victim.

Since they don’t fear the law, we need to make them fear the victim!

Take Chicago, the ‘shining beacon’ of liberalism.

Under Democrat control for 86 years. You want a utopia without conservatives?  You get a festering, puss filled, puckered wound of corruption and immorality instead.

I think if you point a pointer finger at someone with your thumb sticking up you will go to jail for five years and come out a convicted felon for ‘causing hysteria of the public’ or some crap.

But last year 4,368 people were shot in Chicago.  This is in a city that has the strictest gun laws in the nation.  762 people were shot and killed in Chicago last year.  In comparison to Iraq, where 17 American military men were killed. Even if you take out the suicide, criminal on criminal violence, and all that fluff the left uses to skew their numbers – It’s a WAR ZONE.

Now there are some flaws that I can quickly address.

Background Checks – Yep. You gotta be legally allowed to own a firearm to get a firearm.  By the way, you’re gonna need an ID for that.  Sorry I’m not sorry about that. This ain’t VOTING! (Oh man, there’s another blog post to write)

Safety Class – Yep.  I’m not a fan of forcing people to jump through loops to be able to practice a constitutionally granted right.  However, Chicago has no gun culture anymore. I don’t even know if they have gun stores.

Gun Selection – They need to be gone over by a competent gun smith to ensure they are serviceable. But beggers can’t be choosers.  To those of you who get a cruddy Hi-Point. Sorry, try using it as a club?  To those of you who get a Glock – Welcome to the club! You got an M1 Carbine?  They helped defeat the Nazi’s.  You’re in good hands.  .22 bolt action rifle?  Let’s put a bayonet on it, because ain’t no such thing as over kill.  I promise you no one wants to get bayonetted in the modern age. The point is, make do with what you got.  Anything is better than being defenseless.

Gun Laws – 99% of them suck and should be over turned.  Murder, rape, assault, theft – It’s already illegal.  Stop making more potential victims with this crap.

Accidently Arming Bad Guys – It’s gonna happen.  But good people always outnumber the bad. Give it six months and I bet they’ll all be dead or fleeing to Chicago, D.C. or California where the victims are plentiful and the politicians favor the criminals.

“The poor misunderstood child rapist is the real victim here!  He wasn’t hugged enough!  The schools let him fall through the cracks!”

That’s crap.

Hang him so he can’t do it again and move on.

This is America and we got better things to do than coddle poor misguided souls who prey on their fellow man.  You made your choices, time to pay the piper with your life.

So write your congressman.  Tell them we need to start a ‘Confiscated Guns for the Poor’ campaign.

But don’t tell the Democrats, they’ll just make some garbage up about how it’s racist somehow.  Because white privilege means white people can’t be poor too. Then some turd burgling race-baiter like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, or Obama will say something stupid and the riots will begin.

Then they’ll swarm the streets like opportunistic police car burning locusts and destroy the things other people bought or built with hard work.

Thus proving my point that not enough victims are shooting their attackers.

Riots show you how many people are actually crummy human beings. Who, if given the opportunity, will take advantage of their fellow man if they know the risk of law being enforced is low.

Hmm… Riots.  There’s another blog post I need to write about.

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