And the left suddenly morphs into Sun Tzu/General Patton level military geniuses…

Because transgender FEELINGS are at stake!

But the left will ignore the threat of Islam and all the hurt feelings generated by them as they rape and pillage across Europe. Because they just KNOW they are the REAL religion of peace.

As they subjugating women, assaulting them for wearing mini-dresses, or not covering their faces, creating ‘No Go’ zones where Westerners don’t dare tread, throwing Gays off roof tops, stoning rape victims to death, and bringing their miserable third world country values and traditions to lower all of our living standards to their level.

No, they are the religion of peace!


The religion of peace that celebrates being so peaceful by killing each other since the 7th century when it was founded by a bloodthirsty warlord who supported pedophilia and killing non-believers if they forcibly wouldn’t convert.

But it’s okay, because the left always knows what is best and who the real enemy is.

Which is make-believe bigotry of some form or another.

And then the left turns on the people who hold the line, who risk it all, who sacrifice, who are killed or wounded or mentally damaged by the horrors of war fighting… surprise surprise… MUSLIMS.

But obviously, the military just need to be more sensitive towards others…

Hey guys, you’re already neutered with ridiculous Rules of Engagement, to where we give the enemy first shot as us before we are allowed to return fire.  But whatever, here – you have to accept a bunch of weirdos with mental disorders into your midst.  Good luck with unit cohesion!

The audacity of the left knows no limits as they twist logic to save feelings over actual lives.

You know what’s important to the military?

Stacking bodies waist deep, smearing their blood on our faces for war paint, and using their corpses like sand bags to slay the enemies of FREEDOM.

Not to serve as some sort of ridiculous social experiment where you throw curve balls at our waffle bats all day long expecting us to make home runs with your handicapping.

People are rejected all the time for military service.

A wide array of medical, mental, and personal reasons.

No one… NO ONE… has a RIGHT to serve. The military is NOT an equal opportunity employer.

It is literally the opposite. They are very selective by nature.  Anything that doesn’t work, or doesn’t mesh is a distraction. And distractions get people killed. And distractions lose wars.

But obviously the left, in their continuous search for progressive justice, believes that a person with a mental disorder should be allowed to serve.

These are the same loons who proclaim so vocally that people with mental disorders shouldn’t have access to firearms! (So we have to make it so strict, so regulated, that most of the sane people get caught up with the insane. Because if we disarm thousands in our quest to disarm a single bad guy – that’s good math according to their public education.)

So thinking you are a different sex than what you scientifically are doesn’t count as a ‘real mental disorder’ right?

Oh whatever.

We just need more sensitivity training right?

Because we should accept them for who they are… even thought they don’t accept themselves for who they are.


You know people have been kicked out of the military for tattoo placement right?

I couldn’t re-enlist because of it.

Because we all know, that Romans 13:4 script on the inside of my arm is going to totally ruin my combat effectiveness.

Talk about discrimination…

But cross-dressing men and women who want to change their sex, come on in weirdos!

You guys are going to win the next World War!


You guys are worse than the stereotypical Boot LT who gets lost in the field, because you don’t even know which bathroom to use.

Heck – The NC Bathroom laws have already defeated you.


Has anyone seen my White/Straight/Male Privilege?

According to the left, everyone who FEELS like a victim, is one.

If you’re a woman, you blame a sexist male dominated society. If you have a uncommon skin tone, you blame a racist white dominated society. If you’re gay, you blame the homophobic heterosexual dominated society.

Everyone and anyone can be a victim.

Except White Straight Males.

Cause we are the pinnacle of oppression apparently.

Here’s the truth – You aren’t a victim. You are a poor decision maker with poor values.

You want to know what makes someone successful while you are not?

Testicular or Ovarian fortitude.

Read ANY success story and you’ll see what I mean.

Ben Carson, grew up in a single mother household in inner city Detroit, she had a 3rd grade education and worked 4 jobs. He’s one of, if not the, best brain surgeons of all time!

Arnold Schwarzenegger, beat all sorts of body building records, made the extremely unconventional transition from body building to acting to governor, even with a weird accent. Now he’s a universal icon.

JK Rowling, wrote Harry Potter while she lived in her car. Now she lives in a house made of gold bricks.

Elon Musk. His first three businesses failed before he made it with Paypal. Then he took his $180 million from it’s sale and reinvested ALL of it into new business ventures. He had to borrow money to pay rent. Now he’s worth 16.2 BILLION.

They sacrificed, they struggled, and yet they persevered.

Every single successful person had the door slammed in their face over and over and over again but DID NOT QUIT.

So what’s your excuse?

Is it because you’re not a white straight male?

It is because you believe America is founded on some sort of boogeyman called Privilege that is institutionalized throughout all facets of our society? It’s integrated into our legal system, educational system, social system, work system… some invisible, manipulative, malevolent, creature that has it’s tentacles all around you pulling strings and making things not go your way?

And no matter what decisions you make, it will always beat you down and prevent you from succeeding.

What garbage.

Stop being a WHINER.

This is insulting and demeaning to the rest of us.

Because by blaming some unforeseen force that holds you back you are saying it actively promotes others to a higher level of lifestyle and success than you.

When in actuality, we made good decisions. Which usually means putting off instant gratification for long term benefit.

Some are basic decisions with profound long term effects, like finishing high school, not doing drugs, avoiding breaking the law, not getting pregnant before marriage.

If you do these things, your success rate is much, much higher than those that don’t.

But if you are a high school drop out who enjoys doing drugs, who hangs out with bad elements and ends up with a criminal record, who gets a girl pregnant before marriage(thus lacking a stable relationship)… Yeah. You’re gonna have a harder time of being successful than the rest of us.

That’s because YOU screwed up. YOU made bad decisions. YOU need to own this and beat it. And it’s gonna hold you back. It’s going to make it harder to be successful.

But you still can, because thousands of others have.

Everyone makes bad decisions, everyone ends up making poor life decisions that have long term consequences.

So shut up.

You are not alone because you are a minority of some sort. Or because you FEEL underprivileged.

America is not a basket of deplorables, (The racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic — you name it. – HRC), that some would have you believe.

If you are alive and in America today, you are one of the most privileged human beings to ever walk the face of the earth. Regardless of race, sex, religion, political affiliation, sexual preference, mental disorder, disfigurement, handicap, or eye color.

You literally should be on your knees every single day thanking God that you live in this country.

And the vast majority of us really don’t care about anything other then – You have good moral values, you work hard, and you own your mistakes by being responsible for you’re actions.

But when you cry out, “White/Male/Straight Privilege!”

I KNOW you are a worthless idiot who lacks personal responsibility for your fate.

We need to stop making generations of people who play the victim card to escape their poor life choices and start making people who can and will persevere through hardships.


Stop making up excuses.

Finish school, don’t do drugs, get a job.

And if you’ve seen my White/Straight/Male Privilege, send it my way.

Because there were a lot of rough years where this mysterious benevolent falsehood didn’t help us worth a damn.


Went from Dating a Glock 26 to a Glock 19.

I’ve carried a Glock 26 for about 8 years now. For almost that entire time I had been carrying magazines with a  +2 round extension. A couple years ago I started carrying a Glock 19 magazine with a spacer on it.

Basically, I was carrying a Glock with a Glock 19 grip but a Glock 26 barrel. Which is the equivalent of handicapping myself by using a shorter barrel with a shorter sight radius.

The grip is what is hard to conceal, so if I’ve got a bigger grip I might as well have the longer barrel that helps to shoot more accurately as well.

I finally upgraded to a Glock 19.

I took it outto the range and burned 100 rounds through it, practicing drawing from concealment and firing, one and two handed, than practiced clearing a plate rack as well.

I loved it.

There is definitely a reason the Glock 19 is the most popular gun that Glock makes.

It’s hard to describe it, the best I’ve come up with is what I posted on facebook recently.

Going from carrying and shooting a Glock 26 to a Glock 19 is like dumping a girl that ranks a solid 5 on the 1 to 10 scale of attractiveness and dating a perfect 10. Why did I wait so long?

“Can’t you see? Every shot I have taken, since I was that little boy on the gun range, was to bring me closer to you.” – Memoirs of a Geisha (paraphrased)

I’ve never seen Memoirs of a Geisha, but I googled top romantic movie quotes and that one seemed perfectly editable for my purpose.

The factory sights leave something to be desired. So that will need to be remedied.

I was rocking some old Dave Sevigny Competition Slant Pro sights. He was the Team Glock Captain until the whole underage sex fiasco blew up, when Jessie Abbates husband got caught up with then-underage Tori Nonaka. (Which is why I assume she is on the Team, but the rest of the Team seems to avoid her like the plague.)

But I think it’s time for me to jump on the Night Sights bandwagon.

Although I fully intend to rock this thing in some competitions. Sorry my dear, sweet Glock 35, you are going to have some much deserved time off.

Speaking of Glocks, AimSurplus has law enforcement trade in Glock 22’s for $309, and they have mis-matched serial number Glock 22’s for $280.

That’s an incredible steal.

Go get one.

If you aren’t a .40 fan, you can drop in a 9mm barrel for about $100 bucks and use some Glock 17 magazines.

Glocks are awesome like that.

For people who have no idea what I’m talking about, see below. Glock 26, with +2 round extension is on the left. Glock 19 is on the right.

Doesn’t seem like a big difference until you hold it in your hand.

(That’s what she said)



No, Women aren’t equal to Men.

Tough Titty, ladies. (See what I did there?) But you are actually SUPERIOR!

Did you know in ancient Sparta, the only Spartans who were allowed markers on their graves were men who fell in battle or women who died in child birth?

They held giving birth on the same level as dying in battle. The equality of the creation of life and the taking of life.

If something about that isn’t romantically poetic – I don’t know poetry.

(I don’t know poetry)


Take in mind that this isn’t across the board and applying to everyone of each sex. There’s a broad spectrum, and that’s great. Yay diversity! Except for some people…they shouldn’t be allowed to breed and water down future generations(We all know someone like that).

But when I paint – I prefer to throw the can at the wall instead of using a detailing brush.

With that warning out of the way…

There’s a joke that goes like this: What’s worse to go through – child birth or a kick to the groin?  Answer – Kick to the groin, because a woman will think about having another child but no man will consider another kick.

Women will go through 9 months of misery followed by hours of intense suffering, all to bring an innocent little life into this world. During this time, men will fetch them oddities for their cravings and try to make them comfortable enough to avoid their justifiable wrath at what we’ve done to them.

That’s pretty awesome. We should celebrate the heck out of what you go through. This is further proof of your superiority.

But modern feminism, has taken this push for ‘equality’ to far.

Everything now that doesn’t go in a woman’s favor is obviously based on sexism right?

“We don’t have a female president because of sexism!”

Oh shut up. Hillary is a morally bankrupt human being with bad politics. THAT’s why she wasn’t elected.  You bring her to the table again and we’ll just keep showing her the door. Bring a lady worthy of the seat and she’ll get the seat.

“Women are paid less! Sexism!”

No, no it’s not.  This has been debunked. Women choose to go into lesser paying fields. Men not only go into better paying fields, they also go into more dangerous fields that pay better as well. Women are more likely to leave the workplace for family purposes, like taking care of sick husbands with our debilitating colds, or children. Also female CEO’s make MORE than male CEOs. We’re talking 7 MILLION dollars more.  And single, childless women, make more than single, childless men. In some cities as much as 20% more.

So I suppose, since women now have the right to vote, kill their own babies, work in the fields with men, get equal or better pay, and now play in the fire of combat – Feminists are just creating or grasping for things to whine about.

Here’s what you they are doing.

Dragging women down into the mud with men.

Men are brutish, unevolved things. No matter how many pajama clad, hot cocoa sipping, wimps abound out there, this is the nuts and bolts of who and what we are. It’s imprinted in our DNA.

Here’s how I know.

Go up to any man.  Be it a lumber jack, Marine, barista, Momma’s Boy living in a basement, or even a Navy Sailor. (haha)

And ask them, “In the movie Braveheart who would you prefer to be?  William Wallace who gallantly dies an agonizing death screaming FREEDOM! and immortalized in the pages of history? Or Robert DeBruce, who shirks his responsibilities to his countrymen, but wins the crown with barely any misery and suffering and is no longer remembered?”

The vast majority of us will say, William Wallace.


Because ingrained in man, even in childhood, is the desire to not only WIN but to prove themselves by overcoming a struggle. No kid goes out onto the playground playing Army Men or Cowboy and Indians and wants to LOSE.  They go out, pretend to get wounded, then kill the bad guy.

It’s only later in their life that MANHOOD is beaten down in them by our ‘civilized society’ who tells them to tell a teacher rather than bloody a bully’s nose. Or it’s better to run and hide than stand and fight.  And that nothing is worthy of sacrifice or risk unless someone else does it.


We men would rather stand bloodied and exhausted, but victorious on a mountain of corpses, boldly proclaiming that we have conquered our enemies, forever remembered for our deeds – than be handed a long life of safety, luxury, and ease with no one looking up in awe at you and your achievements.

Easiness is BORING.

There is proof of this in the glorious Marine Corps. We brag about the misery we endure. When we aren’t talking like Donald Trump and Billy Bush about women (People who complained about that wouldn’t last five minutes enlisted), we are swapping stories about how freaking miserable we’ve been. It’s not just about what we’ve accomplished, it’s about what we’ve endured. Then we talk about what other people have endured in awe.

Carlos Hathcock right?

Legendary Vietnam Marine Sniper. Death incarnate. He once spent three days crawling 2,000 yards in the wide open to shoot a naughty Charlie General. We don’t tell that story because it was a good shot or who he killed, no one cares the distance of the shot or the Generals name. We tell that story because it’s awesome what he put himself through to do it. He earned a bounty on his head. A bounty on his head! How awesome is it to be feared by your enemies they will pay to have you killed?!

That is a greatness achieved by few.

In the movie ‘300’ Leonidas points his spear at that coward traitor Ephialities and says, “May you live forever”. Because instead of dying in glorious combat with the Spartans, he will have to bear the disgrace of what he’s done for the rest of his life.

How much does that stink? No one wants to be remembered for being a loser. He’s not getting a marker on his grave! (Historically, Leonidas probably would have laughed at him and kicked him off the cliff when he offered his help. They were big into eugenics…)

But stop dragging women down to that level.

We are vastly different and there is nothing wrong with that.

Women are the civilizers.

They give men a purpose in a civilized society where we aren’t allowed to slam battle axes into each others faces. (Or during the peace times between battle axe slamming.)

They give us a reason to keep pushing.  To better ourselves and our families.

We need responsibilities. We need a purpose for our desires. We need an outlet.

We may not be able to kill each other, but we can be the hero’s in our families eyes. Our kids can look up in awe at us.

And that’s enough for most of us.

The guy crying in the airport when he returns from deployment and holding his first born child for the very first time? A month prior he threw a frag grenade into a room full of Haji’s and made hamburger. High fives all around afterwards!

Then he’s turned into a giant cry baby when he returns home to the ones he’s loved and missed for 12 months.

With the exception of those guys who married strippers before deployment, men think constantly about home and their families.  They try to compartmentalize it with what they do, but it’s always there in the background. It’s a powerful, powerful force that holds sway over a man.

There are studies out there that the biggest motivation for young men to avoid being dragged into a life of crime(or for leaving a life of crime) is having the responsibilities of a family.

I’m not aware of ANY study that says a woman needs a man. (Anything that’s not in Cosmopolitan magazine) But there are numerous ones that say the opposite in regards to men.

Women can give birth. Women can raise boys to be civilized, polite, capable men. Women tame the uncouth, savage man.

All we do is fight. Fight for ourselves and fight for our families.

Doesn’t matter if its on the killing fields of Iraq or in the back stabbing corporate world. We take our imprinted abilities and desires to become heroes and make it so.

Even if it’s just to our kids.

Feminism would have women believe that men consider them the weaker of sexes. That they are unable to do what men do, because men won’t let them. That they should be equal to men in every regard, social or biological.

No, no, no! That’s dumb! We are socially and biologically different creatures. And there is nothing wrong with that.

Yes, there are injustices out there, but there isn’t SEXISM hiding behind every potted fern in an HR Managers office.

There is nothing wrong with being different from each other and celebrating the fact that women are better at some things and men at others. We don’t need to be equal. We need to be different. Opposite and opposing forces.

For instance, I don’t believe women should be on the field of combat. I don’t believe they have the ingrained savagery needed. I think they should be kept out of the Infantry for that basis alone. Israel is a great example of how it can be done, but Israel has been on the brink of extinction for 70 years. They don’t have a choice, it’s every man, woman, and child needed for the defense of their country.

I also don’t believe that men have the depth of emotional or relationship strength that women do to have and care for children or keep societies tied together.

And if Daddy’s are heroes, Mommy’s are gods.

Men dying on battlefields don’t scream for their fathers. They scream for the one who bore them, cared for them, and imprinted on them their strength and love from the moment they entered this miserable world.

THAT’s the proof of power women wield over men.

Celebrate the differences. Embrace your strengths.

But my money for who is superior, is always on the ones giving birth and would willingly do it again.

Because no man wants to get kicked in the groin.

#Resist? How about #ResistStupidity?

Yeah, I’m talking to you, dropping $30,000 on your Gender Studies degree.

I hate to spoil the sum of your four years of wasting money, but the answer to how many Genders is TWO.  Boom.  If you had paid more attention in Sex Ed you would have known that by 6th grade.  Or if you were normal and realized there are two very obviously different groups of people out there that transcended skin tone, religion, country of origin, or educational level.

(Maybe, I don’t know what they teach now. Considering how many single, uninsured, drug addicted mothers we have now, they must not be teaching anything resembling common sense or anatomy.)

By the way, that pink/purple/greenish hair and those massive ear ring loop holes that I could drive a Prius through? Good luck finding gainful employment with all that. Try a dress shirt and a tie next time you wanna play dress up.

But then you’re probably also the type who thinks you should be able to work at McDonald’s for the rest of your life and have a high enough minimum wage to be able to support a family with a giant flat-screen TV, an Xbox, and the latest model environmentally friendly car with the least amount of effort possible.

That’s not how it works.

Mankind didn’t drag itself from the primordial ooze (If you believe in that gibberish), or as I believe – Mankind didn’t survive the punting out of the Garden of Eden without knuckling down and getting dirty and sweaty.

Even Cain picked up a rock and went to work.  (To soon?)

Most of today’s youth wouldn’t even do that.

90% of them would just sit and WHINE about how nothing is fair and everything should be given to them because they deserve better. So obviously, everyone else must be racist, sexist, homophobic, etc and that’s why you aren’t successful. It’s always everyone else’s fault and never your own. No, YOU are holding yourself down.  If you can’t make it in America, you’d never make it anywhere else.

Now the other 10% would actually pick up a rock and throw it through a business window and torch a cop car.

Which shows no matter what, some people will always just suck.

Wow, this went WAY off topic. I was going to talk about the #Resist Movement.

So let’s get back to that.

(Even though the fore-mentioned folks fit into that category.)

So look, America was built on #Resist.

It’s a noble thing to do, standing up for what you believe in. Taking it on the chin for your principles. Or today, taking a rubber bullet to the groin, and tear gas to your eyes and lungs.

The problem we have is that today’s #Resist is against freedom, not FOR freedom like our forefathers did.

Speaking of which, our Founding Fathers actually committed Treason that was punishable by death for signing the Declaration of Independence. You whiny little sissies live in a free enough world that was paid in blood by men greater than you, that you can act the ass and wave your crude homemade signs around and block freeways without you and your family being thrown in jail, having all of your belongings confiscated, or being hanged.

But yes, you guys have it SOOO hard in America under Trump.

Of the 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence, 5 were tortured until dead, 12 had their homes burned, 2 of them lost their sons in battle, 2 others had their sons captured and imprisoned. 9 of them died from battle or hardships and many of them died in utter poverty with their families turned into refugees.

But under this intense persecution not a single one recanted their declaration.

Thomas Nelson, of Virginia,  personally turned a cannon on his house that harbored the Kings men, to show he risked nothing less than that of his fellow countrymen. He actually offered a reward to the first cannon crew that could hit it. THAT is resistance to Tyranny!

How many of you #Resist would turn a cannon on your mom’s basement where you live?

Now let’s get to Trump.

Show me on the Solid Gold Trump Doll where he hurt you.

Awww, your heart and brain.

Poor thing.

It’s sad, there is so much fake news being pushed by the left and the media, that it would take me hours to write it all out. Every time those blathering idiots are leaked a tidbit of news from an anonymous source, instead of doing their due diligence and investigation, they spread it over the airwaves as though they caught Trump with his hand in a Russian nesting doll.

The best thing today is to hear some garbage being told on the news, and waiting seven days. Because within a week it will often be denounced or the dust will settle and we will realize that Trump actually did nothing lawfully or morally wrong.

Judgmentally is debatable of course.

So Trump won the Election, and the #Resist movement started.

First, it was ‘He didn’t win the Majority! The Electoral College is evil!’. Sigh. I went through Public School too, so I believed this crap until I learned how to think for myself. So first off, we aren’t a Democracy we are a Republic.  That means 51% doesn’t get to enslave the other 49% because they have a single digit percent advantage. This means the states and people have more equal representation across the country. Sorry, but your Democratic strongholds on the east and west that take up a tiny percentage of the U.S. don’t get to wear crowns indefinitely. Second, the Primary’s were based on a strategy of getting the most Electoral Votes. How many Republicans do you think actually voted in California? How many Democrats do you think bothered to come out and vote in Alaska? We don’t know how that would have turned out. But we do know, that until this Election changed the scoreboard, Democrats have had a HUGE advantage in the Electoral College.  Because California.

So apparently, crying foul and not understanding how elections work didn’t pan out.

Then it was trying to tamper with the Electoral votes, because HAHAHAHA, yes you had such a big chance of swinging that to put Hillary’s pantsuit bottom in the big seat. HAHAHAHA. Oh my gosh, I’m crying right now. Because it turns out, Hillary was such a horrific candidate that she actually LOST more Electoral Votes than Trump as Electors left her! Bwhahaha.

Then we went into the Women’s March, which of course women who voted for Trump, or were anti-abortion, opposed gay marriage, or conservative in general were not welcome to attend. Because they must be SEX TRAITORS or something and Trump hates women. Even though he married and dated a bunch of them. (See what I did there? Hahhah!)

And then we moved into all the other ‘Days Without X, Y, or Z’, and those of us who have bills and responsibilities went to work and didn’t care about the liberal women or illegals taking the day off and subsequently getting fired.

Oh yeah, there was a Not My President Day, which… yes he is. The day before, the day of, and for the majority of the next four years. I don’t know what they hoped to achieve, other than calling attention to their factual incorrectness.

Meh, I don’t know. There’s been so many protests, riots, and days off that we don’t even pay attention anymore.

And of course, looming over all of this is the Russian Collusion talk.

Tell me, does that mean the Russian’s rigged the majority of elections under Obama that took over 1,200 seats on the State and Federal levels from the Democrats and handed them to the Republicans? Or is the country simply rejecting their agenda?

(Those peskie Ruskies are worse than SPECTRE from the James Bond movies!)

Did they try to influence the election? Of course. Remember how Obama tried to influence the Israeli Election? All countries try to influence each others elections as best they can. We’ve done it, they’ve done it. It’s part of the geopolitical game we play.

Accept it and move on.

Besides, are you going to say that Mr. Can’t Keep His Mouth Shut Trump who brags about everything he does as being the smartest, best-est, greatest deal ever could keep quiet on the greatest political sabotage of the century?


So now we’ve got this #Resist movement still gasping for relevance.

Let me tell you how it’s gonna turn out. In 2018 you’re party is going to get slaughtered AGAIN. Even though the Republicans deserve it, because they are a bunch of spineless elitist goons who are ineffective as a majority. Hopefully we’ll replace some of them.

But 2018 is the Year of the Democrat. 2016 had mostly Republicans up for re-election and they persevered. Now it’s time for the Democrats to take their lumps as they have almost 50% of their seats up for grabs. And a lot of them are in Trump country.

But do you think that by being the Obstructionist party, you are going to get all those Democrat Voters back who left you for Trump? Who voted for him to implement policies that would benefit them that you are now preventing?


What you should have done is moved back towards the middle of the road, to try and draw back voters who actually pay taxes into your midst. Instead you alienate them further by taking an even harder left turn towards Socialism and Identity Politics.

JFK right? Democrat hero.

He was against gun control, against abortion, against increasing taxes, and against communism.

He was more conservative than most Republicans now.

All of the Democrat voters that actually work for a living and see their manufacturing and trade jobs leaving for foreign countries, or lost to environmentalists, or seeing their tax dollars fueling the welfare and drug addicted nation while they struggle?

They remember.

And they don’t like you.



You can either have Climate Change or Transvestites. You can’t have both.

On one gender, you declare science has proven Climate Change is real. On the other only other gender(see what I did there), Transvestites can ignore their chromosomal makeup and pick a gender, or not even BE a gender.

I don’t know what they call a non-gendered person. I think Miley Cyrus said she’s one.

Oh yes I do, it’s called stupid.

So do you believe in science or not?

You gotta pick one you clowns.

And here’s where it gets even more ridiculous.

Climate Change. Explain the Ice Age?  Did it recede after all those cave people slayed enough saber tooth lions and mammoths and burned down enough forests that the earth warmed up and pushed back giant sheets of glaciers?

Oh, you can’t. It was a natural event. So the Earth, on it’s own, managed to cool and warm enough to create and destroy an Ice Age. Not only once, but FIVE TIMES. (Science says so)

That’s five times with no human intervention. No industrial age, no technological leap of the consumption of fossil fuels, no Iphones. But by people who were lucky if they even had FIRE.

Do you remember that movie over 10 years ago by Al Gore? Inconvenient Truth?

I don’t because I was lucky enough to miss out on that steaming pile of dung in school. I’m not going to go into it in depth, because after this long it’s been proven that it needs to be re-branded from ‘documentary’ to ‘fantasy’ and thrown out of the Congressional Library.

But Al Gore was living in a house, four times larger than the average American home at 10,000 sq ft, and using 12 times the average homes electricity.

That is the same clown who said we need to cut back to save the world for future generations.

In typical Socialistic fashion, do as I say not as I do. “You can live in the slums for the betterment of everyone, but I’ll live in my castle looking down on you peons”

Don’t get me started onLeonardo Di Caprio, that two-faced loon and his ginormous carbon footprint. But he’s so passionate! Whatever, that doesn’t make him correct.

So the earth goes through natural periods of heating and cooling. Fact check – Scientific Truth.

We are ALWAYS going through one or the other. Always increasing or decreasing.

The Political Elite enjoy the fools of Hollywood and do-gooders to push a Power Grabbing agenda to let them interfere more in our lives. They won’t be happy, until we all live in mud huts eating plants while they live in castles lording above us with their non-PETA approved red meats.

You want to talk about ‘What about our children? What will they do without TREES?”

Get bent.

Let’s talk about, “What will they do without FREEDOM?

When some Monkey Do starts telling me to be a Monkey Do Not, than backing it with lies and falsehoods – I’m going to think you’re up to something. And I doubt it’s a surprise birthday party.

So Science right. Liberals claim to have it in regards to Climate Change. Even though they bend that science around as a shoddy basis for passing legislation.

Then they try to say that no, wait a minute, science doesn’t apply to genders.

I may have an XX or XY chromosome, but I can CHOOSE what I want to be. Then I can butcher my body up into something else.

This is on the same level of disgusting as that guy who turned himself into a Ken Doll or that lady who turned herself into a cat.

This gets terribly stupid. Right now someone can point to a truth and say, “This truth does not apply to me, therefor I will create my own truth and you must believe it with me. Or it will hurt my feelings! And I’ll probably want you to bake me a cake or I’ll take you to court!”

No, no I will not.

I will not alter my reality so you can feel better at having a mental disorder of Gender Dysphoria.  I will not say, “Yes man, you are a woman.”

No, you are a man. You are sick in the head and you need help.  No big deal bro, everyone’s got issues. Let’s get you fixed and on with your life.

Instead I’m called a bigot or homophobic or some other baloney. Because how dare I believe in TRUTH and how could I be so uncaring about how that makes YOU uncomfortable that I won’t believe a falsehood.

Where does this end? This faking a reality for someones feelings?

Do you understand the can of worms this opens?

At what point will someone be caught in an illegal relationship with an 15 year old say, “Age does not define me, mentally I believe that I am 15 as well.” Even though you’re Drivers License says that you are a 40 year old creeper who needs to be locked up.

Every single cell in your body says you are a particular gender. Including your ovaries or testes.

Sorry , you can’t change that.

So this is a rhetorical question, because the left just keeps making things up as they go all willy-silly like and expecting us all to agree and go, “Yeah! YEAH! That’s right! LET’S BURN THIS CITY DOWN!” And then sadly, some of our kool-aid snorting brethren go and do just that.

But what will it be? Science or not?

Or do you think that by jumping back and forth between supposed-fact and fiction and getting all emotional and weepy will somehow help you win more elections?

Hint – It won’t.

So I’ll just be sitting over here, all non-conforming and spiteful.

Watching with morbid fascination as you weirdos play in your little fantasy world like normal kids play Candy Land.

Good luck with all that.

30,000 words in 10 days.

Not bad. First four days I hammered out 15,500 words and the last six days I managed to get almost as many again.

But word counts don’t mean squat unless it’s GOOD. I’d rather read a 70,000 word Louis L’Amour book than try to read a 500,000 word (feels like it) Ayn Rand book. He says in a couple sentences what she says in a couple pages. Great ideas! But don’t bore me to death telling me about them, lady.

I hear there are 250-300 words per page on your average sized novel(whatever that is), so I’ve around 100-120 pages written so far.

Rock on.

This is writing from 4am to 7am before work. That’s when I really progress the story. The smaller bits of time I get, I work on re-writing stuff. For re-writes, I mostly went back the beginning and started moving through the manuscript.

What I mean is, I’m on page 66 of fast writing and page 16 of re-writing.

I say mostly back to the beginning, because sometimes I have to re-write a whole bunch of junk. Like the other day, I realized I had written a character into a position where it just wouldn’t WORK. I had to scrap about 1,000 words and re-write it completely. That sucked.

When I fast write, I just beat the keys off the keyboard. Make some adjustments as it goes, and let it lay where it falls. Sometimes I’ll just dump a scene half-finished and move on if I can’t think of where to go with it. I just look at the outline, see what’s next and go.

Speaking of the outline, my original outline has zigged and zagged on and off track now. The more I think about this thing, the more I think ‘Hey, you know what would be cool?’ then I do that.

I actually had to make a new outline so I could keep track of what was going on and the new added scenes. No wonder it takes George R. Martin three years to write a book. Poor guy is trying to shove four high schools worth of drama into it.

Then I’ll be on the treadmill, or at work, or driving, and a new idea will pop into my head. Something cool that I have to pursue.

Welcome to the party, Chief Sitting Bull. You get an important scene. Thanks for all the new research I have to do on you and the Lakota Indian tribe. Ugh.

The bad part is, the more I re-write the more I realize my initial writing is ‘okay, but not great’.

I think this means I’m getting better as I go.

That also means, Reader Zero no longer gets to read anything as I write it.  She has to wait until I’ve gone over it first to make it more of an official ‘rough draft’.

It’s for the best, dear.