You can either have Climate Change or Transvestites. You can’t have both.

On one gender, you declare science has proven Climate Change is real. On the other only other gender(see what I did there), Transvestites can ignore their chromosomal makeup and pick a gender, or not even BE a gender.

I don’t know what they call a non-gendered person. I think Miley Cyrus said she’s one.

Oh yes I do, it’s called stupid.

So do you believe in science or not?

You gotta pick one you clowns.

And here’s where it gets even more ridiculous.

Climate Change. Explain the Ice Age?  Did it recede after all those cave people slayed enough saber tooth lions and mammoths and burned down enough forests that the earth warmed up and pushed back giant sheets of glaciers?

Oh, you can’t. It was a natural event. So the Earth, on it’s own, managed to cool and warm enough to create and destroy an Ice Age. Not only once, but FIVE TIMES. (Science says so)

That’s five times with no human intervention. No industrial age, no technological leap of the consumption of fossil fuels, no Iphones. But by people who were lucky if they even had FIRE.

Do you remember that movie over 10 years ago by Al Gore? Inconvenient Truth?

I don’t because I was lucky enough to miss out on that steaming pile of dung in school. I’m not going to go into it in depth, because after this long it’s been proven that it needs to be re-branded from ‘documentary’ to ‘fantasy’ and thrown out of the Congressional Library.

But Al Gore was living in a house, four times larger than the average American home at 10,000 sq ft, and using 12 times the average homes electricity.

That is the same clown who said we need to cut back to save the world for future generations.

In typical Socialistic fashion, do as I say not as I do. “You can live in the slums for the betterment of everyone, but I’ll live in my castle looking down on you peons”

Don’t get me started onLeonardo Di Caprio, that two-faced loon and his ginormous carbon footprint. But he’s so passionate! Whatever, that doesn’t make him correct.

So the earth goes through natural periods of heating and cooling. Fact check – Scientific Truth.

We are ALWAYS going through one or the other. Always increasing or decreasing.

The Political Elite enjoy the fools of Hollywood and do-gooders to push a Power Grabbing agenda to let them interfere more in our lives. They won’t be happy, until we all live in mud huts eating plants while they live in castles lording above us with their non-PETA approved red meats.

You want to talk about ‘What about our children? What will they do without TREES?”

Get bent.

Let’s talk about, “What will they do without FREEDOM?

When some Monkey Do starts telling me to be a Monkey Do Not, than backing it with lies and falsehoods – I’m going to think you’re up to something. And I doubt it’s a surprise birthday party.

So Science right. Liberals claim to have it in regards to Climate Change. Even though they bend that science around as a shoddy basis for passing legislation.

Then they try to say that no, wait a minute, science doesn’t apply to genders.

I may have an XX or XY chromosome, but I can CHOOSE what I want to be. Then I can butcher my body up into something else.

This is on the same level of disgusting as that guy who turned himself into a Ken Doll or that lady who turned herself into a cat.

This gets terribly stupid. Right now someone can point to a truth and say, “This truth does not apply to me, therefor I will create my own truth and you must believe it with me. Or it will hurt my feelings! And I’ll probably want you to bake me a cake or I’ll take you to court!”

No, no I will not.

I will not alter my reality so you can feel better at having a mental disorder of Gender Dysphoria.  I will not say, “Yes man, you are a woman.”

No, you are a man. You are sick in the head and you need help.  No big deal bro, everyone’s got issues. Let’s get you fixed and on with your life.

Instead I’m called a bigot or homophobic or some other baloney. Because how dare I believe in TRUTH and how could I be so uncaring about how that makes YOU uncomfortable that I won’t believe a falsehood.

Where does this end? This faking a reality for someones feelings?

Do you understand the can of worms this opens?

At what point will someone be caught in an illegal relationship with an 15 year old say, “Age does not define me, mentally I believe that I am 15 as well.” Even though you’re Drivers License says that you are a 40 year old creeper who needs to be locked up.

Every single cell in your body says you are a particular gender. Including your ovaries or testes.

Sorry , you can’t change that.

So this is a rhetorical question, because the left just keeps making things up as they go all willy-silly like and expecting us all to agree and go, “Yeah! YEAH! That’s right! LET’S BURN THIS CITY DOWN!” And then sadly, some of our kool-aid snorting brethren go and do just that.

But what will it be? Science or not?

Or do you think that by jumping back and forth between supposed-fact and fiction and getting all emotional and weepy will somehow help you win more elections?

Hint – It won’t.

So I’ll just be sitting over here, all non-conforming and spiteful.

Watching with morbid fascination as you weirdos play in your little fantasy world like normal kids play Candy Land.

Good luck with all that.

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