#Resist? How about #ResistStupidity?

Yeah, I’m talking to you, dropping $30,000 on your Gender Studies degree.

I hate to spoil the sum of your four years of wasting money, but the answer to how many Genders is TWO.  Boom.  If you had paid more attention in Sex Ed you would have known that by 6th grade.  Or if you were normal and realized there are two very obviously different groups of people out there that transcended skin tone, religion, country of origin, or educational level.

(Maybe, I don’t know what they teach now. Considering how many single, uninsured, drug addicted mothers we have now, they must not be teaching anything resembling common sense or anatomy.)

By the way, that pink/purple/greenish hair and those massive ear ring loop holes that I could drive a Prius through? Good luck finding gainful employment with all that. Try a dress shirt and a tie next time you wanna play dress up.

But then you’re probably also the type who thinks you should be able to work at McDonald’s for the rest of your life and have a high enough minimum wage to be able to support a family with a giant flat-screen TV, an Xbox, and the latest model environmentally friendly car with the least amount of effort possible.

That’s not how it works.

Mankind didn’t drag itself from the primordial ooze (If you believe in that gibberish), or as I believe – Mankind didn’t survive the punting out of the Garden of Eden without knuckling down and getting dirty and sweaty.

Even Cain picked up a rock and went to work.  (To soon?)

Most of today’s youth wouldn’t even do that.

90% of them would just sit and WHINE about how nothing is fair and everything should be given to them because they deserve better. So obviously, everyone else must be racist, sexist, homophobic, etc and that’s why you aren’t successful. It’s always everyone else’s fault and never your own. No, YOU are holding yourself down.  If you can’t make it in America, you’d never make it anywhere else.

Now the other 10% would actually pick up a rock and throw it through a business window and torch a cop car.

Which shows no matter what, some people will always just suck.

Wow, this went WAY off topic. I was going to talk about the #Resist Movement.

So let’s get back to that.

(Even though the fore-mentioned folks fit into that category.)

So look, America was built on #Resist.

It’s a noble thing to do, standing up for what you believe in. Taking it on the chin for your principles. Or today, taking a rubber bullet to the groin, and tear gas to your eyes and lungs.

The problem we have is that today’s #Resist is against freedom, not FOR freedom like our forefathers did.

Speaking of which, our Founding Fathers actually committed Treason that was punishable by death for signing the Declaration of Independence. You whiny little sissies live in a free enough world that was paid in blood by men greater than you, that you can act the ass and wave your crude homemade signs around and block freeways without you and your family being thrown in jail, having all of your belongings confiscated, or being hanged.

But yes, you guys have it SOOO hard in America under Trump.

Of the 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence, 5 were tortured until dead, 12 had their homes burned, 2 of them lost their sons in battle, 2 others had their sons captured and imprisoned. 9 of them died from battle or hardships and many of them died in utter poverty with their families turned into refugees.

But under this intense persecution not a single one recanted their declaration.

Thomas Nelson, of Virginia,  personally turned a cannon on his house that harbored the Kings men, to show he risked nothing less than that of his fellow countrymen. He actually offered a reward to the first cannon crew that could hit it. THAT is resistance to Tyranny!

How many of you #Resist would turn a cannon on your mom’s basement where you live?

Now let’s get to Trump.

Show me on the Solid Gold Trump Doll where he hurt you.

Awww, your heart and brain.

Poor thing.

It’s sad, there is so much fake news being pushed by the left and the media, that it would take me hours to write it all out. Every time those blathering idiots are leaked a tidbit of news from an anonymous source, instead of doing their due diligence and investigation, they spread it over the airwaves as though they caught Trump with his hand in a Russian nesting doll.

The best thing today is to hear some garbage being told on the news, and waiting seven days. Because within a week it will often be denounced or the dust will settle and we will realize that Trump actually did nothing lawfully or morally wrong.

Judgmentally is debatable of course.

So Trump won the Election, and the #Resist movement started.

First, it was ‘He didn’t win the Majority! The Electoral College is evil!’. Sigh. I went through Public School too, so I believed this crap until I learned how to think for myself. So first off, we aren’t a Democracy we are a Republic.  That means 51% doesn’t get to enslave the other 49% because they have a single digit percent advantage. This means the states and people have more equal representation across the country. Sorry, but your Democratic strongholds on the east and west that take up a tiny percentage of the U.S. don’t get to wear crowns indefinitely. Second, the Primary’s were based on a strategy of getting the most Electoral Votes. How many Republicans do you think actually voted in California? How many Democrats do you think bothered to come out and vote in Alaska? We don’t know how that would have turned out. But we do know, that until this Election changed the scoreboard, Democrats have had a HUGE advantage in the Electoral College.  Because California.

So apparently, crying foul and not understanding how elections work didn’t pan out.

Then it was trying to tamper with the Electoral votes, because HAHAHAHA, yes you had such a big chance of swinging that to put Hillary’s pantsuit bottom in the big seat. HAHAHAHA. Oh my gosh, I’m crying right now. Because it turns out, Hillary was such a horrific candidate that she actually LOST more Electoral Votes than Trump as Electors left her! Bwhahaha.

Then we went into the Women’s March, which of course women who voted for Trump, or were anti-abortion, opposed gay marriage, or conservative in general were not welcome to attend. Because they must be SEX TRAITORS or something and Trump hates women. Even though he married and dated a bunch of them. (See what I did there? Hahhah!)

And then we moved into all the other ‘Days Without X, Y, or Z’, and those of us who have bills and responsibilities went to work and didn’t care about the liberal women or illegals taking the day off and subsequently getting fired.

Oh yeah, there was a Not My President Day, which… yes he is. The day before, the day of, and for the majority of the next four years. I don’t know what they hoped to achieve, other than calling attention to their factual incorrectness.

Meh, I don’t know. There’s been so many protests, riots, and days off that we don’t even pay attention anymore.

And of course, looming over all of this is the Russian Collusion talk.

Tell me, does that mean the Russian’s rigged the majority of elections under Obama that took over 1,200 seats on the State and Federal levels from the Democrats and handed them to the Republicans? Or is the country simply rejecting their agenda?

(Those peskie Ruskies are worse than SPECTRE from the James Bond movies!)

Did they try to influence the election? Of course. Remember how Obama tried to influence the Israeli Election? All countries try to influence each others elections as best they can. We’ve done it, they’ve done it. It’s part of the geopolitical game we play.

Accept it and move on.

Besides, are you going to say that Mr. Can’t Keep His Mouth Shut Trump who brags about everything he does as being the smartest, best-est, greatest deal ever could keep quiet on the greatest political sabotage of the century?


So now we’ve got this #Resist movement still gasping for relevance.

Let me tell you how it’s gonna turn out. In 2018 you’re party is going to get slaughtered AGAIN. Even though the Republicans deserve it, because they are a bunch of spineless elitist goons who are ineffective as a majority. Hopefully we’ll replace some of them.

But 2018 is the Year of the Democrat. 2016 had mostly Republicans up for re-election and they persevered. Now it’s time for the Democrats to take their lumps as they have almost 50% of their seats up for grabs. And a lot of them are in Trump country.

But do you think that by being the Obstructionist party, you are going to get all those Democrat Voters back who left you for Trump? Who voted for him to implement policies that would benefit them that you are now preventing?


What you should have done is moved back towards the middle of the road, to try and draw back voters who actually pay taxes into your midst. Instead you alienate them further by taking an even harder left turn towards Socialism and Identity Politics.

JFK right? Democrat hero.

He was against gun control, against abortion, against increasing taxes, and against communism.

He was more conservative than most Republicans now.

All of the Democrat voters that actually work for a living and see their manufacturing and trade jobs leaving for foreign countries, or lost to environmentalists, or seeing their tax dollars fueling the welfare and drug addicted nation while they struggle?

They remember.

And they don’t like you.



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