Has anyone seen my White/Straight/Male Privilege?

According to the left, everyone who FEELS like a victim, is one.

If you’re a woman, you blame a sexist male dominated society. If you have a uncommon skin tone, you blame a racist white dominated society. If you’re gay, you blame the homophobic heterosexual dominated society.

Everyone and anyone can be a victim.

Except White Straight Males.

Cause we are the pinnacle of oppression apparently.

Here’s the truth – You aren’t a victim. You are a poor decision maker with poor values.

You want to know what makes someone successful while you are not?

Testicular or Ovarian fortitude.

Read ANY success story and you’ll see what I mean.

Ben Carson, grew up in a single mother household in inner city Detroit, she had a 3rd grade education and worked 4 jobs. He’s one of, if not the, best brain surgeons of all time!

Arnold Schwarzenegger, beat all sorts of body building records, made the extremely unconventional transition from body building to acting to governor, even with a weird accent. Now he’s a universal icon.

JK Rowling, wrote Harry Potter while she lived in her car. Now she lives in a house made of gold bricks.

Elon Musk. His first three businesses failed before he made it with Paypal. Then he took his $180 million from it’s sale and reinvested ALL of it into new business ventures. He had to borrow money to pay rent. Now he’s worth 16.2 BILLION.

They sacrificed, they struggled, and yet they persevered.

Every single successful person had the door slammed in their face over and over and over again but DID NOT QUIT.

So what’s your excuse?

Is it because you’re not a white straight male?

It is because you believe America is founded on some sort of boogeyman called Privilege that is institutionalized throughout all facets of our society? It’s integrated into our legal system, educational system, social system, work system… some invisible, manipulative, malevolent, creature that has it’s tentacles all around you pulling strings and making things not go your way?

And no matter what decisions you make, it will always beat you down and prevent you from succeeding.

What garbage.

Stop being a WHINER.

This is insulting and demeaning to the rest of us.

Because by blaming some unforeseen force that holds you back you are saying it actively promotes others to a higher level of lifestyle and success than you.

When in actuality, we made good decisions. Which usually means putting off instant gratification for long term benefit.

Some are basic decisions with profound long term effects, like finishing high school, not doing drugs, avoiding breaking the law, not getting pregnant before marriage.

If you do these things, your success rate is much, much higher than those that don’t.

But if you are a high school drop out who enjoys doing drugs, who hangs out with bad elements and ends up with a criminal record, who gets a girl pregnant before marriage(thus lacking a stable relationship)… Yeah. You’re gonna have a harder time of being successful than the rest of us.

That’s because YOU screwed up. YOU made bad decisions. YOU need to own this and beat it. And it’s gonna hold you back. It’s going to make it harder to be successful.

But you still can, because thousands of others have.

Everyone makes bad decisions, everyone ends up making poor life decisions that have long term consequences.

So shut up.

You are not alone because you are a minority of some sort. Or because you FEEL underprivileged.

America is not a basket of deplorables, (The racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic — you name it. – HRC), that some would have you believe.

If you are alive and in America today, you are one of the most privileged human beings to ever walk the face of the earth. Regardless of race, sex, religion, political affiliation, sexual preference, mental disorder, disfigurement, handicap, or eye color.

You literally should be on your knees every single day thanking God that you live in this country.

And the vast majority of us really don’t care about anything other then – You have good moral values, you work hard, and you own your mistakes by being responsible for you’re actions.

But when you cry out, “White/Male/Straight Privilege!”

I KNOW you are a worthless idiot who lacks personal responsibility for your fate.

We need to stop making generations of people who play the victim card to escape their poor life choices and start making people who can and will persevere through hardships.


Stop making up excuses.

Finish school, don’t do drugs, get a job.

And if you’ve seen my White/Straight/Male Privilege, send it my way.

Because there were a lot of rough years where this mysterious benevolent falsehood didn’t help us worth a damn.


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