Beware the Feeling Mongers!

FEELING MONGERS – Noun. “Well-meaning Do-Gooders who have poor understanding of History, Common Sense, Economics, or Human Nature. They are moved only by basic emotions and are impervious to facts.”

I created this term. It is mine now. I want a quarter every time someone repeats it.

Let me begin….

Success is generated by personal responsibility and good choices, not laziness supported by the government and funded by the others against their wishes.

Now, in the eyes of FEELING MONGERS, there is no logical reason why the unsuccessful are not successful.

So they come to the illogical conclusion that the successful must have an unfair advantage. Because Hard Work, Good Values, and Perseverance doesn’t matter. Obviously, of course, the ‘system’ must be against them.

The way they correct this, is to pass FEEL GOOD LAWS that ultimately exacerbate the problem.

The FEEL GOOD LAWS make the FEELING MONGERS feel good about themselves, even though they are actually hurting everyone involved. Both the successful people who work and have to support the funding for these laws and the unsuccessful who lose motivation to work and support themselves.

Instead of forcing the unsuccessful to push themselves towards success, they are instead shown that they can do nothing and enjoy a moderate lifestyle instead.

Before you dare scoff at ‘moderate lifestyle’, I’d like to remind you that the other day I saw a half-rack of RIBS with an ‘EBT approved’ stamp on it.


Did you know a 20lb bag of rice is only $8 at Walmart? That’s 57 cups of rice. That is 11,742 calories. That can feed one adult for almost 6 days. There is a reason we give truck loads of it as emergency supplies to war torn countries. Because it’s cheap and plentiful.

“Oh! But this is America! How can anyone live on that? We aren’t a war torn country!”

Have you seen Chicago or Detroit?


Spare me!

(LOL – Get it? Spare Ribs…AHHH I humor myself…)

In the words of Joe Rogan, “Poor people are FAT. Think about that S***!”

These people have realized they don’t need to work. They just need to play the welfare game created by the FEELING MONGERS, and they can have all the Milwaukee Beast beer, Newport cigarettes, XBox games, Flat Screen TVs, Drugs, and as many abortions or babies in Foster Care as they want.

So the welfare recipients figure, why bother? They are happy with their living standard. Their basic needs are being met by the Welfare State. Then they can spend their own money on frivolous things.

We’ve all seen these people.

They check out at Walmart in their PJ’s, grocery cart stacked full of food, a handful of rag tag poorly dressed and poorly mannered kids in tow, swiping an EBT card, then paying cash for energy drinks and tobacco and alcohol.

That EBT card?

That’s OUR money. That is OUR labor, that is OUR hours put in grinding away to create a better life for ourselves and our families. That is OUR financial future they are spending.

Next time you pay your taxes, look at the dollar that was taken from you instead of the return amount you get.

Did you know, if you made $40,000 – you paid over $5,000 in taxes? At $40,000 a year, you just gave away 33 DAYS worth of work.

You literally gave the government 33 days of your labor to redistribute as it saw fit to others.  Or almost half a year of debt free college for your kid.

Luckily, not all of your tax money/days of labor goes to welfare, most of it doesn’t. The festering boil of corruption and waste that is the Government misuses most of it. But how many FREE DAYS do you want to work so someone can not work? Five? Ten?

Now there are good people out there who hit rock bottom and need a helping hand to get back on their feet. But the majority of them, would rather ignore your helping hand and hold out their tin cup instead while they wallow in the easy lifestyle of mediocrity.

So the FEELING MONGERS create the FEEL GOOD LAWS that will keep them fed, clothed, and minimally educated. Supposedly just to ‘help them a little’. But with the myriad of laws and a system of abuse, they are able to thrive and reproduce like locusts. Consuming vital resources while creating a multi-generational problem that is passed down to their offspring.

Because when we have kids growing up in these homes, witnessing their parents(the most influential people in their lives) collecting a monthly check and being worthless – do you think they will develop a basic knowledge of hard work ethic or value of education or christian values that will help them succeed?

Yeah right.

What’s the solution?

Lower their standard of living until they are forced to work. And stop making it ‘okay’ to be on Welfare. It’s not okay. Use it and get off it.

Oh, I know – the FEELINGS. Yeah, it sucks to be embarrassed. But if most of them had any sense of dignity or pride they would have worked a way out of their current situation.

“But the DISABLED!”

Are they?

Are they truly disabled?

Or are they Jabba’s riding a Hover round through the store. Disabled because they are fat sacks of fat?

That’s not a disability.

If you’re really disabled – fine.

I’m completely okay with helping truly disabled people out. It’s not your fault you were hit by a dump truck or inherited a genetic marker or developed a disability.

That’s legit. Let’s help them out.

But if you can, you should figure out a job field where you can work. Unless you are quadriplegic and have to use a straw, you can work. Does your brain work? Good – USE IT. We have this amazing Internet thing, if you can work a keyboard – you can find employment. Even from home.

We have Veterans missing legs who are cops, we have Veterans who are missing arms and legs who are climbing Mount Everest. We have Veterans who are making all sorts of ‘disabled civilians’ look like pathetic.

(Except that Blade Runner guy without legs who competed in the Olympics then murdered his wife… That’s some Returning from Deployment Veteran stuff right there too…)


There is nothing wrong with taking an extra minimum wage job to make ends meet. There is nothing undignified about working and providing for yourself and your family.

There is something wrong, however, when you take a minimum wage job and demand that you be paid a living wage. No. Minimum wage jobs are temporary, that’s why they  usually have high school or college kids filling them. They are not ‘Flip Burgers and Provide for a Family’ job.

If you think you have no other options, you’re wrong. Take night classes. Keep applying for better jobs. Become a Burger Flipping Manager.


Don’t think that just because you are working an unskilled job you should be paid more than you are worth. The left screams for $15 minimum wage then acts shocked when businesses close, jobs are lost, and robots start taking my orders. This is a perfect example of FEELING MONGERS being impervious to Economics. It FEELS GOOD to make a law so people are paid more regardless of the consequences.

But you are so profoundly stupid and wrong you should be ashamed.

Here’s a dunce cap, go stand in the corner while you figure that out.

Look, I get it.

You want to feel like a good person, a good humanitarian.

That’s great, we all do.

I wanted to go to foreign countries and kill people for Freedom.

See? I’m an armed humanitarian at heart as well.

But instead I just spent a week helping with Vacation Bible School…  A dozen perpetually drunk, sex crazed, and violent Marines or a dozen per-pubescent, crazy, and wild 4th and 5th graders… I’m not sure which one is harder to handle sometimes. (I do know which one I can relate to better though…)

The point is, you mean well. And that is a noble thing to have good intentions. But you are foolish and that hurts more than it helps.

Over 50 years ago the War On Poverty began, we’ve spent $22 TRILLION dollars on it. Around 100 Million, or 1/3rd of Americans, receive some sort of support.

Right now 45 million Americans live below the poverty line, about 14.5%… the same amount as when the War on Poverty began.

Now… to be fair. Those who live in Poverty? Are they actually POOR?

80% have A/C

66% have Cable

40% have a wide screen TV

33% have more than one vehicle

2% are actually homeless

82% reported they were never hungry

That’s not poor.

You enjoy a better life than the majority of the world.

But we are PAYING for your A/C, your Cable, your TV, your extra car. Again, as Joe Rogan stated – Today poor people are FAT.


Bring back Jobs.

The one million jobs generated under Trump’s first six months is nothing to scoff at, that’s one million people who can either make a step up in their lifestyle or step out from under the Taxpayers expense.

Bring back Dignity.

You should be ashamed you can’t support your family. That should push you to figure out a way to. To take on multiple jobs, to make better choices, to figure things out. To be able to look at your kids and realize your suffering is worth it.

Bring back Responsibility.

I’m talking to you deadbeat Dad. Or deadbeat mom. 50 years ago the single parent household was 7%, now its over 34%. STOP BEING LOSERS. Step up. Be responsible. Make it work. Get married before you have kids. Condoms are a quarter in a gas station bathroom. Most Health Dept’s hand them out like lollipops. If your a single parent, I want my tax money to go to you. But I also want the amount of single parents to go down. Bring back Christian morals and personal responsibility.

Do the work. Push yourself. Be Responsible. Better your life and your families. Avoid debt. Make good decisions.

Then give back.

Help someone else get back on their feet. Adopt a kid. Let a guy down on his luck mow your yard. Volunteer. Buy a burger for the homeless guy. Heck, buy him a beer – This is America. He could probably use one after holding his cardboard sign out in the sun for so long.

But you can’t help anyone else until you’ve reached a point of financial stability that you can afford to.

And beware the FEELING MONGERS.

They are saboteurs of Work and Dignity with their base emotions and lack of sense.

Applaud them for their sense of humanity, the world is a rotten place after all, then talk some sense into them.

Who knows?

Maybe they’ll come to their senses.


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