Democrats and the SEVEN Scandals. (Not a Disney Movie)

The lights are being shined on the Democrats and they are scurrying like cockroaches.

First – We’ve got the IRS admitting they targeted Conservative groups under the Obama Administration. This is incredible political abuse. But meh, Trump called a someone a jerk on Twitter today for being a jerk. Let’s run that on the front pages instead. And of course, Obama didn’t know anything about it until he saw it on the news.

Second – We’ve got Hollywood imploding, all these liberal mega-donors are suddenly cut off from publicly funding Democrats ‘progress’. (Sure, they’ll still TAKE the money from women and kid rapists, but they won’t be allowed to ‘publicly’ host multi-million dollar wine and dine fundraisers for the uber-rich to schmooze Politicians.)

It will be interesting to see how this effects Democrat election efforts next year when all that remains of Hollywood is a long list of incarcerations and a pile of ash while Indie (Independent) films take over.

Third – Debbie Wasserman (Head of the DNC who was fired after Podesta’s emailed revealed she was rigging the Democrat Primary in favor of the Wicked Witch from Arkansas), her IT scandal is simmering and waiting to explode. There’s no telling what sort of ‘terabytes’ of info her obviously sketchy IT guy moved from Congressional computers. I doubt it was Hillary’s ‘Yoga Schedule’ that was on her basement server.

Fourth – Paul Manafort was indicted by the Special Counsel that is filled with Clinton Donators, and not a single bit of it has anything to do with Trump. The very first indictment has NOTHING to do with Trump…. My isn’t that interesting? Instead, Manafort’s shading dealings with… drumroll… the brother of Former Hillary Campaign Chairman Podesta. But…but…Trump and Russia…rigged something er other somehow!

Fifth – The infamous Trump Dossier… turns out the Clintons were involved and paid 9 million to some shady group with Russian ties to try and dig up dirt against Trump that may tie him to the Russians. The returned info was so obviously unfounded BS, no media would run with it. Until, BuzzFeed(A Clinton supporter), decided a week prior to the election – screw it, let’s run it and at the VERY end, say we can’t confirm anything in this article.  (That’s liberal media at it’s finest, here’s a bunch of hogwash we can’t prove or back up with any sources, but it will help sway voters in the election, so just believe us okay?) Best part, the FEC (Federal Elections Commission) is doing their own investigation because the Democrats tried to hide the payments of 9 million so they could deny it for… oh what? Almost a year now that they had anything to do with it or the Russians?

This ALSO, is most likely the reason that the FBI decided to start wire-tapping and spying on Trump and his associates. Because while the Dossier, so far fetching and obviously untrue that no liberal media(except Buzzfeed) was willing to touch it, was justification for the FBI to open an investigation into Trump/Russia connections. Or something like that…

Of course, this is during the Obama era FBI.

Which leads into the next scandal.

Sixth – Comney began drafting statements of exoneration for Hillary before the Email investigation had gotten off the ground and before anyone had even been interviewed. This is the same goon, who tried to play J. Edgar Hoover, and play politics with the FBI, by intentionally not presenting Hillary’s Email case before a grand jury to decide if they should indict then caused a bunch of chaos by not keeping his mouth shut to the media.  The same dirt bag who intentionally leaked memo’s about how Trump made him uncomfortable, to get a special counsel set up to investigate the man who fired him. And then publicly perjured himself in front of Congress lying about how he never kept memo’s of previous Presidents (A lie) and that he didn’t make a decision about Hillary until the Tarmac meeting between Bill Clinton and the Attorney General (A lie).

Seventh – Now, the Uranium One deal. Which is kind of strange, I heard bits and pieces about this during the election but it was suspiciously never fully investigated or became a major scandal until now. The gist being, the Ruskies gave the Clinton Foundation a ton of money(Plus paying Serial-Rapist Bill Clinton $500,000 for a SPEECH) and receive 20% of our Uranium supply in return after being approved by the State Department that was headed by (you guessed it) Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. (I suppose we get it back if they NUKE us?)

So here we have some actual collusion with the Russians.

And we get crickets from the liberal media. Because it’s not the collusion they want.

What they really want, is something that will lead to a Constitutional Crisis and sink the Trump presidency and somehow let Hillary Clinton become President instead.

Yeah, sure kids.

Good luck with your fiction world.

But you can’t change the past and this picture will always exist on the internet and entertain we proud deplorables who defeated Sauron…er… Wicked Witch of the…er.. Hillary.  🙂




EDIT – 11/1 – It was pointed out to me that the biggest Democrat Scandal is that of the Media’s campaign of silence and deceit of anything negative towards the left and anything positive towards the right.  I concur 100%.

EDIT – 11/3 – What a difference TWO days makes.  In that time frame, Donna Brazile (Temporary head of DNC after Wasserman Schultz was booted out when the emails from Podesta were leaked showing collusion for Hillary to win), has proof of an actual FORMAL AGREEMENT between the DNC and Hillary Clinton to ensure that she is the nominee. Of course, if a Republican had brought this to life, it would have been ignored. But it’s hard to ignore a Democrat turning on another for rigging an election against their own voter base.

We also learn today, that Obama hid 470,000 documents from the Bin Ladin raid so that he could claim he defeated Al Qaeda and get re-elected. When the Documents proved otherwise, and showed Iran as helping fund terrorism.  Instead, he lies to the people, gets re-elected, then tries to become friends with IRAN by sending them pallets of money and freeing up billions in sanctions at their word that they won’t nuke us anytime soon.

Sheesh. The scandals just keep coming..

And people actually vote Democrat….

2 thoughts on “Democrats and the SEVEN Scandals. (Not a Disney Movie)

    1. I think we are starting to see a lot of blue collar workers being turned off by it. I suspect 2018 midterms will be a blood bath for the left. I also suspect we will see a ‘United Socialists of America’ or some such party be created from the ashes. 😦 It seems like many drink the kool-aid, and few come back from it!

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