Transgenders should not be allowed in the Military.

The military exists to kill people and break their things. What possible benefit does allowing Transgenders to enlist, have towards our ability to wage war? Serving is not a RIGHT. It is a privilege, and it is by necessity, highly selective. There are a myriad of reasons you can’t or shouldn’t be allowed to serve. Having a mental disorder is a pretty good one.

Civilian courts ruled yesterday that we have to allow people who think their chromosomes don’t matter and have a high rate of depression, self harm, and suicide… into the military. And then they’ll have access to millions of dollars of military equipment that spreads death and destruction on our enemies.

They actually ruled against the Military, who says they don’t want them. Because a bunch of civilians in robes know SO MUCH more about the Military than those who have spent a lifetime serving and now command it.

Oh heck, let’s just admit it. The courts have become so politicized these days, that they would overturn the ‘ban’ just to thumb their noses at Trump without caring about the ramifications of their decisions. I’ll point to the Bowe Bergdhal and Kate Steine Trials as my examples of highly politicized cases and Trumps involvement.

But let’s go on…

Transgenders have a 41% rate of suicide compared to the national average of 4.6%. But sure, let’s drop them into a job where you WILL be bullied and hazed upon entry to the fraternity. It’s part of the Spirit De Corp. If you make it through basic training or boot camp and still suck, you will be hazed even more. Relentlessly. Until you leave or fix yourself.  Besides, it’s a well known fact that “Pain Retains” and “Through Pain comes Discipline”.

Even if you don’t suck, you will still be hazed. Until you ‘level up'(promoted) and get to haze others – it’s a vicious circle like that. I was never much good at it, and I liked almost all my guys.

But if you want to bring up bullying(hazing) leading to a higher rate of Suicide, you are supporting people joining a culture with a high rate of suicide already.  The Military suicide rate is twice as Civilians. And Transgenders are TEN TIMES higher than Civilians. So what does that make it? Like an 82% rate? I dunno. It’s math. But frankly, you are aiding transgender suicides by supporting this instead of supporting them getting mental health help.

Then there is the highly stressful rigors of combat and pre-deployment or just regular training and field ops or plain ole home life. It’s a life full of stress, misery, divorce, midget strippers, alcohol abuse, violence, money problems, and poor personnel decision making. It’s hard enough being a rational heterosexual male in the military as it is.

You’re gonna be bored, miserable, hot, cold, wet, and pissed off. You’re gonna argue, harass, and brawl with each other. It’s going to happen. And if you don’t buck up, you’re gonna get it even worse. Because the emotionally, physically, and mentally weak need to be weeded out.

And then there is showering. I showered with 70 other guys in Boot Camp. Then another six years with sometimes less, sometimes more. I saw a lot of weeners. You get used to it. Ironically, penis size jokes are rarely told. It’s hard to lie to someone when everyone knows what your packing.

So don’t think women acting like men, and men acting like women, will somehow go unnoticed. If you’re a transgender, you’d better get used to being naked in front of the opposite sex. But you probably want ‘safe spaces’ and private toilets and showers eh? Sadly, the military will probably be FORCED into creating these. Because why spend money on bullets and body armor when we can buy extra crap for a handful of people who feel different.

And I’m going to be straight up. Transgender Sexual Assault rates are 50% in the Civilian world. You’re going to be a woman (pretending to be a man) tossed into a group of horny, alpha males, with a high libido and love for drinking, fighting, and fornicating. I don’t believe the military has a Rape Culture, but there are plenty of dirt bags in it. The military does a good job with hammering these people into Leavensworth Prison. But they are out there.

(By the way, in the Marine Corps Boot Camp we were constantly instructed on morals and values…as well as symptoms of Pregnancy. Heh.. But they didn’t want us to be a bunch of mindless baby killers using flame throwers on huts because someone said so. They wanted us to do the right thing, all the time.)

So now we’ve a mess of issues that the military is forced to address now. And this opens the door to constant complaints like, “He hazed me because I’m a woman with a penis.” When really, you probably suck and deserve it.

But yeah, sometimes it’s gonna be because your transgender. Not saying it’s right, but it’s gonna happen.

Because people who stand out, get hazed the most.

Like Kylo Ren, I bet he got hazed to no end because of his goofy looks and giant ears. But now he’s a Marine Corps hero with a Lightsaber.


In my arguments against supporting the “Transgender Revolution”, this is the example I often use:

How is anyone looking in the mirror and thinking they are a man trapped in a woman’s body any different from someone suffering from Anorexia? They look into the mirror, and think that their 5’7″ frame at 82lbs is FAT. Both of you’re perceptions of reality is distorted, and it can be helped. But it only hurts you more when we tell you, yes – you are FAT or you are the opposite gender of what your Chromosomes say. Simply because we want to be ‘inclusive’ and ‘accepting’ and don’t like hurting people with truth that may save their lives.

Ultimately, pushing for acceptance and inclusion of Transgenders into society, instead of helping them overcome their problems, is morally and biologically wrong. But fools tend to think themselves wise so they shout us down as bigots and hate mongers and what nots.

So good job. Bravo. Thanks for weakening our military with your progressive ideology of ‘acceptance’.

If I could reach through the internet and slap you, I would.

And for those of you who would like to argue, I’ll point you in this direction first.




Conspiracy or Gross Incompetence – The Vegas shooting STILL STINKS.

I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but here we are, two months after the biggest Mass Shooting in history. 58 dead and 527 wounded – and barely any solid information being given to the public.

I’ve talked this over with many people, and right from the beginning things didn’t add up.  Which is to be expected in the first few days, but over time the questions continued to add up and the few (often changing) answers we got only ADDED to the confusion.

So at some point you have to ask, is there a cover-up, or is this gross incompetence on part of the law enforcement that is handling it. Or is it a mix?  Is it just the Political Hacks scattered through out the government and law enforcement in Vegas, trying to hide any inconvenient facts while they push for Gun Control? I bet if he had a NRA or FOX News sticker on his car – we’d know about it. But if he had ANTIFA posters on his walls and Obama’s Dreams of his Father on his nightstand, we would never know.

There are so many questions, it’s hard to pick a start.

How many People were Actually Shot?

58 dead and 527 wounded. How many were trampled or hurt? 22,000 people is a heckuva panicked stampede. Were all 58 shot to death? Were all 527 wounded from gun fire? How many were physically wounded in the frantic trapped frenzy of tens of thousands of people confined to a killing ground with only a few exits?

Where’s the Vegas Security Videos?

This is VEGAS. In a high rollers Hotel, and the best film footage we have of this bozo is him falling down in 2012. So you can find and release that, but you can’t show us any film of him lugging the “over ten suitcases” containing dozens of guns and tons of ammo through the front doors? He had to have shown up on dozens if not hundreds of cameras scattered around the area, and not a single one has been leaked to the press? It was mentioned they ‘suspect’ he used the freight elevator – How do you suspect and not know? It should be on tape!

Where’s Security Guard Campos?

There is so much stink on this guy, it’s ridiculous. The guy sneaks out moments before a press conference, disappears for DAYS, then reappears on a COMEDY SHOW to talk about what happened. On Ellen Degeneres… Seriously? Apparently you weren’t paid, were you or your Hotel Employer afraid of tough questions? Was a scripted setting needed?

Not to mention when he disappeared, he went to MEXICO after the shooting. We don’t know when, but we know he came back a week after the shooting.  WHY? What was down there? And why in the world would the Law Enforcement LET HIM LEAVE? Key Witness here, sure bub, go to Mexico where there’s a full blown drug war going on and piles of dead tortured bodies being found daily. Enjoy the margaritas – just be back when we need you.

Does anyone even know where this guy is anymore? Does he have anything he wants to say? In the Ellen Interview, she says he won’t speak of this again. Why not? Is the Hotel/Police banning him from making statements or is he refusing to answer anymore questions on his own?

And the Timeline:

And then there is the timeline, so no video footage shown of what went on in that hallway. Weird and unlikely. But should be solid proof of what the changing timeline was. First Campos gets shot during the spree and that’s what stops it. Second, he got shot less than a minute before the spree began. Third, he was shot SIX FREAKING MINUTES BEFORE the spree. Six minutes. In a CASINO hotel room. Where’s the Security? Where’s the police? How do you not get this correct when you report it to the media? Yeah, yeah, Fog of Post-War Chaos. But this is such a simple, standard thing to have ironed out.

Speaking of the Police and the Timeline:

I’ll give some credit here. You get a shooting report, you get some cops on site, then all hell breaks loose. You get swamped with hundreds of 911 calls from varying locations that makes it sound like a coordinated attack from multiple places.

Police arrived on the 32nd floor at 10:17 when the firing stopped at 10:15. Then they moved down the hallway clearing every room on the way with a master key, and not hitting the suite until last at 11:20 by breaching with explosives. Even though the room had already been pinpointed by outside officers, as well as Campos who I’m assuming – had eyes on the hallway the entire time he was laying in one of the doorways.

So why take so long to hit the room? Maybe just procedure. I don’t want to be a Monday armchair quarterback, but why not hit the room first since you knew a shooter was in there? This is just a little strange to me.

The Single Fired Shot:

So first the police say no shots were fired – only to come out over a month later and say “Well, actually, a law enforcement officer fired his weapon in the room.”

At WHAT? Shifty, gun smoked filled shadows? This is interesting since Paddock ‘shot himself in the head’. THIS is why there are conspiracy theories. Was he actually dead when the police entered the room? Why take your word for it? For weeks you said no one fired, then you said they did. This is such a SIMPLE thing to get straight at a press conference. Why did you not tell the truth of the matter? No one can blame the cop for being on edge after blowing open a mass murderers door after clearing rooms along a hallway that probably resembled buildings in Fallujah. So why not admit it?

This picture was leaked, supposedly of an interior door that’s been shot through. Who was being shot at inside? Is this the door between rooms? It doesn’t appear to be the hallway door. And why does he have a rifle on bipod in the bathroom/kitchen?


Leaked Photos:

Speaking of which – the Crime Scene photos? What. The Heck. This investigation is so tightly under wraps that not a single second of video has been leaked, but you managed to let a set of crime scene photos get leaked to the press, of the shooters face and a bunch of guns and ammo. That’s just strange.  Who leaked it? I’m sure you have a list of every single person who walked into that room, did you check their phones? Or was it an intentional leak to guide the narrative? There SHOULD be intense scrutiny for a crime scene photo of the shooter with a gunshot wound to the head being splayed out across the media as to who allowed it to leak. That’s the kind of stuff people get fired over.

The Missing Hard Drive:

This bothers me, at one point some talking head said that ‘maybe the laptop never had a hard drive in it’. Yes, Genius, in addition to lugging thousands of pounds of firepower and ammunition into a hotel suite, he lugged a DEAD LAPTOP so he could stare at it’s BLANK SCREEN.

Sheesh. Where is it? What’s being done to find it? Was it destroyed? What was thought to be on it?

The Note with Ballistic Data:

The shooter has a piece of paper with handwritten ballistic information on it that was near the smashed out window. Okay, let’s assume no wind was blowing through a THIRTY-SECOND floor window and the physics of that effect on a small piece of paper. (Especially when it’s so conveniently staged looking, with a roll of tape barely on top of it and pen next to it by his legs.)


Apparently he tried to buy a large amount of tracer ammunition from a dealer, but they were out. So he wanted to see where his rounds were hitting. This would have pinpointed the lone shooters location and further reduced his ability to escape. Also tracers tend to be inaccurate as well, as they burn up in flight and tend to zing off in random directions, the further you are shooting the less you are going to get hits.

So he writes down some ballistic data of wind, distance, and drop.

Well, assuming all his guns, including the AK, were in 5.56 or .308, you’ve got two different rounds coming out of different length barrels with different rates of twists and different sight systems(optics, iron sights, scopes, etc). That’s not taking into consideration the bullets themselves, is he using the same stuff? Or does he have a mix of various bullet weights and type?

All of this adds to variance. ESPECIALLY the sighting systems.

But shooting 500 yards into a large 22,000 crowd that covered several football fields, none of this was needed other than the range or hold over. (Aim above them and known that the rounds will hit below that) His killing field was MASSIVE.

To put the range in perspective, in the Marine Corps, we learned to make hits on man sized targets with IRON SIGHTS at 500 yards. Kids who have never shot before learn to make this shot after a couple of weeks at the range. That’s on a single target. Try 22,000 targets massed together. This guy had scopes, full auto, and thousands of rounds.

Ballistic Data has it’s use in accurate fire, but for his purposes it was unnecessary. He’s using a bump stock, which mimic’s full auto – Full auto by nature is less accurate than semi-auto. As we know, he was magazine dumping and firing as fast as possible which reduces his accuracy. He fired something along the lines of 1,100 shots in ten minutes. That ain’t a rate for accurate fire.

So why did he have it? Either he knows enough about shooting that he knows he doesn’t need it, or he knows nothing and assumes it matters but can’t properly apply it. Which is it? How did he get it anyways? Did he use his Laptop?  With the pen next to it, it looks like he wrote it at that spot. Did he copy it off something or write it down from memory – in which case, why write it down if it was memorized?

So – It gives off the impression of a staged prop. Or are they lying about the information on the note, and it’s actually a suicide/confession note they are keeping mum about it for investigation purposes? No solid answers, and the one we got doesn’t make sense. All we can do is speculate.

Was he Alone?

Numerous witnesses said there were multiple shooters. An audio analysis reports that he shot 280 rounds in 31 seconds at one point… If he was using Beta Mags, drums that hold 100 rounds, he reloaded twice and almost emptied three of them in under 31 seconds. Without a single jam/failure to feed/failure to extract. The things aren’t the most robust magazines ever, and it’s a lot of weight hanging off the magazine catch. Very unlikely, especially without melting the gas tube on an AR15.  But maybe he had three guns with one on each of them…? However, we had hundreds of vets in the killing field who were positive there was more than one shooter and many others who thought it was belt fed full-auto that sounded like ‘talking guns’. (When two belt fed guns/teams alternate firing to conserve ammo and keep from overheating the gun) How do we know for sure he’s the only one? Unfortunately, we can’t trust the information out of Vegas to clear this up because they are coming across as grossly incompetent. But CONVINCE US. Where they mistaken? Let’s talk about this.

Why TEN MINUTES and was there an Escape Plan?

Why did he stop? It wasn’t Campos or the Police. He had a TON of ammunition in there, he could have kept going and slaughtered hundreds before his room was breached. He had surveillance on the hallway, he knew there was no real effort to stop him.  Did he make any effort to escape? His car had tannerite, which is an explosive target plus ammonium nitrate which can be used to make bombs. But it wasn’t rigged to blow… What was the suspected purpose? Supposedly he had protective equipment in his car as well and a body armor/gas mask in his room. That sounds like he was ready for a confrontation and possibly attempt to escape.

The Door on the 32nd Floor:

Lots of misinformation was spread about this, originally the door was locked open, then closed, then open and closed.  But the Ellen interview cleared that up. Campos said he came up the fire escape stairs, and saw the door was blocked from opening. And called Security to send an Engineer up to look at it. Then he went back downstairs, and came up through the elevator on the opposite end, walked down the long hallway and saw metal brackets holding the stairwell door shut. He walked away and was fired upon about halfway down the hall. This makes sense, the shooter funneled any response to approach him from the hallway that leads directly to his door. But depending on the mechanism that was blocking the door, it seems like he didn’t have an escape plan in place. Unless he wanted to run to the only exit, the elevator on the far side of the floor.

The Surveillance of the 32nd Floor:

Of another note, we were told Paddock had cameras set up to monitor the hallway. And opened fire on Campos as he walked away from the Hotel Suite and locked door next to it. Where are these tapes? What’s on them? HOW was he viewing them? Was it through his disabled laptop? Or did he have a viewing monitor?

The Engineer and the Woman on the 32nd Floor:

At around the same time Campos gets shot in the leg and the guy is dumping magazines through the door, the Engineer sent to check on the locked door arrives through the same Elevator on the far side of the hotel. According to Campos this guy makes it halfway down the hallway before he yells at him to get back and the guy opens fire again, narrowly missing him(Or he never stopped firing, vague here).  His part in the Ellen Interview is pretty much limited to a couple sentences. He says he heard what sounded like a jack hammer that he figures was gun shots. But I’m assuming he wasn’t shot at until Campos yells at him to take cover. At which point, he ducks and bullets fly by his head.

So. Did the Engineer come up during the middle of the shooting into the concert? Or did Campos’s yelling/cameras alerted the gunman to start shooting at the Engineer? And why bother stopping shooting into a huge crowd to run to the other side of the room and focus on one unarmed guy walking down the hallway? How does this fit into the continuously changing timeline?

And Campos makes it sound like the firing was continuous, which it couldn’t have been. Unless the Engineer was oblivious to the dozens of rounds being fired straight at him down the hallway. I’m assuming this is a just miscommunication, and the shooter opened fire down the hallway twice.

But did he not notice the impact of bullets all along the hallway and into the far end by the elevator? Hundreds of rounds supposedly, how did he NOT see the bullet holes and damage? OR the shot up suite door at the far end of the hallway he was walking towards?

Don’t make no sense.

Now, a woman comes out of her room and almost walks into the gun fire at some point, and once again Campos saves her by yelling at her to get back.

So the Engineer and the Woman, two more key witnesses on the floor at the time of the shooting. We have a little bit from the Engineer on the Ellen Show, but what about the mystery woman? Did she see anything suspicious? Or notice anyone with Paddock? Did she ever interact with him and could state on his mental state at the time of their conversation? Silence.

The VIDEO in the Room:

Reports came out that he was filming himself shooting. Where is this footage? What’s on it? Does it show the before and aftermath of the shooting? Does it show the officers coming through the door and one of them firing the later-reported single shot? Does it show Paddock giving a statement or killing himself? Does it show anyone else in the room at any time who may have seen the stacks of guns and ammo?

The TWO rooms/TWO firing positions/And The Drilling:


Campos mentioned he heard what he thought was drilling. The County Sheriff said he was trying to drill next to the doorway, to either place a video camera or make a firing port. Well strange, cause once he shot through the door he pretty much made a firing port.

Then there is the two busted windows. Which leads credence to either two shooters, or why people thought there were two shooters. Did Paddock fire between the two? Did he only use one? Why did he make another port if he didn’t use it? This also brings up the question of were there sensors on the windows to report to security if one broke? And how long did it take to break the windows? I’ve never tried shattering a 32nd floor window with a baby sledge hammer, but I assume it isn’t easy.

But why two rooms? It appears that he could smash a window out a dozen feet away and have a similar vantage point for firing without having to run into another room. Was it to secure another possible entrance into his suite?

What was found in the other room? Anything? More guns and ammo? Possibility of another shooter?

Information would be nice to have.

The Girlfriend:

What does she know? Does anyone really believe she had no idea? She was conveniently out of country when the shooting was going down and beforehand he wired her $100,000. Which is an odd amount for a multi-millionaire who is about to commit mass murder and most likely die afterwards. So why limit it? Was that all he could legally send? And the narrative changes here, at first it was reported she was concerned for his mental health, later it was reported that she thought he was fine. Supposedly she was something of a ‘caretaker’, yet she was out of the country constantly. Why was she out so much? Was it to visit her mom? Or was she traveling to multiple foreign countries?

The ISIS connection:

ISIS claimed responsibility. This is rather odd considering nothing has come out about Paddock ties to radical Islamic terrorism. Sure, they may just be acting like the opportunistic vultures they are, grabbing on lone wolfs acts and saying they inspired it. But since this has no obvious connection, why would they say that? A rich white dude isn’t their normal killer type. But what about the traveling girlfriend? Any connection with her?


What was it? Was it mental duress? Accepting the sort-of-sort-of-not word from his Girlfriend, he maybe had some mental problems. His brother couldn’t think of any motive, he thought he was fine. Did he have financial problems he couldn’t overcome? The autopsy showed no brain abnormalities that would lead him to suddenly turn violent. People don’t do things without motives, especially life changing(and most likely ENDING) decisions.  Like committing mass murder with a high likely hood of being engaged and killed by police. We got a little information from a hooker, not being the most trusted of courses, that he was an angry white dude.

The Break in of the Paddock Residence AFTER the shooting:

A week after the shooting, Paddock’s house is broken into. And… nothing. Lots of mention of it in the news, and law enforcement investigating. And supposedly it was under security as a crime scene. But multiple intruders entered the building and their intent is unknown. Supposedly nothing was taken, well was anything planted? Match the crime scene photos taken after the raid on Oct 3rd with the after photos taken on Oct 11th when it was realized it had been broken into. And compare.

So, inside a retirement community development. No video, no information, no arrests or suspects, no motives.  Not a single follow-up report.

This is suspicious as hell.

Speaking of The House:

We know he had a bunch of guns and ammo.  Don’t get caught up in ammo count, the media loves to spazz out on that number. As if the higher the ammunition count owned, the more nefarious the person. But a single box of .22’s for $15 can hold 550 rounds.It’s not a big surprise for an average weekend shooter to have ten thousand rounds or more of ammo at a given time. Especially when it’s cheaper to buy in bulk or on sale, and they shoot a lot of little 22s. So a high round count rarely means anything.

But what else?  Did he have other planned information, escape info, another computer with a search history? What is on his emails? There should be a wealth of information here.

NOTHING. No news on what was found other than some guns and ammo.


Ultimately – I’m no loon. I try to be rational. But this thing STINKS, and the less answers we have that make sense the more we speculate. And no one seems to really CARE to answer them, and at this point, the only ones demanding answers are the victims families and survivors who are suing.  Perhaps when their case goes to court we will get details that make sense.