Readers from the Firing Line Forum

For the readers who linked to this site from TFL – I’ve been permanently banned and you won’t be seeing any more updated links in my signature. If you are interested in following this site, you will either have to check in occasionally or use the link on the upper right to when I post something new.

Apparently I incurred the wrath of the Moderators when I posted Conspiracy or Gross Incompetence – The Vegas shooting STILL STINKS

And later when I tagged my article Transgenders should not be allowed in the Military in my Signature Line.

So they banned me, without warning, because of these two articles.tflban

But if I’m not ‘TFL material’ for questioning the lack of answers involving the largest mass shooting on American Soil that is being used to push for gun-control and restrictions on our personal freedoms of gun ownership and for stating that Transgenderism is a mental illness and that our Military should not be used as a Social Experiment that will obviously endanger our ability to defend our country and kill the enemy – then they are right, I am NOT TheFiringLine material.

I recant nothing.

You can’t see it right now, but I’m simultaneously turning my thumb down and blowing a raspberry.




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