A year ago today – I prophesied the downfall of the Obama Legacy. And the rise of the TRUMP ERA! (blast the victorious music)

I posted this on Facebook a year ago:

“Lowest labor participation rates since 1970s, weakest ‘recovery since 1940s, lowest home ownership rate since 1960s, 11,000,000 more people on food stamps, 1 in 6 men between 18-34 are unemployed or in prison, added more national debt than all previous presidents combined. ACA rates are jumping average of 25%, increase for employer sponsored benefits have risen 43%, or $5,642 per employee.

Gave Iran 150 billion, paid ransom for Americans. Drew a red line on Syria, we know how that went. Gave Mohammed Morsi, the Muslim brotherhood goon propped up as president of Egypt with F16s, tanks, and 1.5 billion… now in jail. Overthrew Libya, our ally. With no solid replacement plan for leadership. Distanced ourselves from Israel, the only Democracy in the middle east. Pulled troops prematurely from Iraq and Afghanistan. Watched the rise of ISIS, “the JV Team”.

Ran guns into Mexico illegally in an attempt to sway the public opinion towards gun control, killing hundreds as well as Border Patrol Agents by violent drug cartels. Praised cop killers and assailants while blaming police and pushing a LEO Racism Narrative that was statistically unsupported. Added women to infantry, against military studies proving this was a danger to our troops. Spying on journalists, wiretapping. IRS selectively targeting conservative groups. Pushing a false narrative on the Benghazi attacks. Bowe Berghdal prisoner swap. VA death list scandal. Solyndra. Secret Service scandals of ineptitude. Blocking veterans from war memorials during the sequester shut down.

I’m tired of typing. So long loser.

In 9 days your legacy will be left on the ash heap of history.” – Me. Jan 11th, 2017.

Well, let’s be honest. A year ago it was impossible for any sensible person to not call this. So it’s not THAT impressive of a feat. (But I like being right.)

Because even if Trump had turned out to be half the moderate we feared we would get, we would still be leagues ahead of the damage Obama has done to the world through his apologetic, plaintive foreign policy of sissy-dom. His pinning down of the economy through his liberal economics, oh heck – we all know the truth. The Democrats WANT a large low/no income segment of the population. Because they are easily controlled, governed, and their votes are bought with tax money. That’s why these Democrat Lawyers/Doctors/Ivy Leaguers act like they don’t understand simple economics. Then there is the damage that has been done to our Justice branch. It’s a freaking mess. The IRS was weaponized against Conservatives. Apparently the FBI was used with a blatantly false ‘dossier’ to begin investigating/wire tapping Trump during a Presidential Election. (Hows that whole Russian Collusion thing working out for ya? -crickets-) Then they were forced to ignore the rule of law and allow Hillary to go uncharged. (Not no more! I forget how many federal investigations you are under now, like FIVE? You’re super villain days are up! Shame we didn’t do it 20+ years ago when you and your husband crawled out of Arkansas.) Then we have the legal system, and we are having to deal with Politically Charged liberal judges who are intentionally blocking Trumps agenda even though they KNOW it won’t hold up in court. This includes Supreme Court Justice Darth Vader Ginsburg, who has openly criticizing Trump and his agenda, even though her very job requires that she make unbiased decisions based on law and NOT her personal opinions.

LOL. Just like a year ago, I’m tired of typing about how bad Obama was and the effects we are still dealing with. So I’ll move on…

So – Instead of Trump turning out to be a wish-washy moderate, his first year in office rivals Reagan’s for Conservatism! WOOP WOOP!  Heck, he’s probably even MORE conservative than Reagan in many areas!

And I don’t expect the Democrats to love him, he’s a political opposite. But they STILL won’t have the decency to admit they were wrong about all their widely publicized fears. No internment camps for homosexuals. No illegal children being dragged out of their homes and deported on buses. The stock market didn’t suffer the massive crash that was foretold. Saying Happy Holidays hasn’t been outlawed. The Trump Dossier is proven to be a Clinton paid hack job. And whatever other nonsense the left pushed and the media cried about. “The sky will fall! The sky will FALLLLL!” Or and let’s not forget this expectation, that she was gonna sweep Trump and the GOP would implode. Some believed that more than others, as shown below. Bwhaha.


But of course I don’t expect them to say they were wrong. Because they want to win and they know many people still believe the sewage they spoon fed everyone for a couple years. They want to brow-beat Americans with their misdirection and lies until they begin to think how they want them to. They want you to think Trump is a horrible person who is failing the country and his voters and that he Democrats were right all along. It’s hogwash. The Democratic Party of today is a bunch of unhinged, frothing, hateful, violent, lying, immoral cretins. This ain’t JFK’s party. JFK wouldn’t stand a chance in Washington today, he’d be considered a right-winged deplorable by their current standards.

But Trump is running circles around them. He’s taking everything they have and coming out on top of it. Part of it helps that the left pushes fiction and eventually the truth comes out. Take the Russian-Collusion narrative, well that’s toast. It’s hard to keep pushing that after a year, when not a shred of evidence has leaked but everything else has. So now the left is supporting Wolff’s new fiction book on Trump called ‘Fire and Fury’. It’s all about Trump being unfit for office. How he’s chaotic, childlike, narcissistic, incompetent. It says Trump never wanted to win. He told Melania he wouldn’t and she cried when he did. So I guess he just spent millions of his own money and held 5 to 10 mega-rallies a week leading up to the Election with the intent to lose? It’s also hard to collude with a foreign country to sway an Election you don’t want to win. Logic tells us this is a garbage book and the left is trying to push the narrative that he is a danger to America and needs to be forcibly removed from office.

Good luck with that. Let’s talk a little about how Trump ROCKS.

(I don’t think I have time, energy, or space to rack up all of his victories in a single post. I’ll post the list at the bottom, let’s just hit the economy for the moment. Cause we all love money and the financial freedom it allows us.)

Moving on to the economy:

Today, I see on the news that the largest employer in American(Walmart) is giving over 1 million of their employee’s a raise. And giving the majority of them a $1,000 one-time bonus. And they are saying it’s because of the tax cuts. It gives them more money! It’s passed on to the workers! OHMAGERSH! I thought corporations were evil soul-sucking power hungry McScrooges who only used people for their own personal gain and profit. But this is the 100th+ company to do this, and they all say – because of the Tax Cuts. The week after the Tax Cuts passed, something like 10 companies started passing out money. And they are bringing back billions of dollars that was invested overseas back to the US. Previously, the tax rate was so high that they wouldn’t bring it back, so this money has been put into other countries economies instead of ours. Not no more.

The economy is booming.

The Dow is up 39.7% since he was elected. I think we’ve lost count of how many record highs he has broken. But hey, once you beat the top score and you are on a tear, it’s pretty easy to keep dominating with new high scores. This has created over 5 TRILLION dollars in wealth to the US and over 26 TRILLION to the global market! After EIGHT YEARS we had two quarters with plus 3% GDP growth! It never got over 2% under Obama. (Ah, but there was a recession, not his fault, nothing he could do, blah blah. Okay – Well what magically changed in 2017 that made it possible?)

In 2017 Manufacturing has it’s best year since 2004. How many jobs is that? In a single year Trump revitalized an entire industry that had been struggling for over 13 years.

Black unemployment is at it’s lowest it’s been since they started tracking it in 1972! 6.8%! But Trump is a super White Supremacist right?  Right?! Lowest rate in 45 years.

Lowest unemployment since 1990.

1,074,000 jobs were added! (But now, the left is screaming “Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! That’s not quite accurate..” Then they start getting nitpicky. Well you guys always ignored the number of people who stopped looking for work, who were self-employed with no work, and those who took a lower paying job or less hours when you tried to make Obama’s unemployment numbers look better. So shuddup.)

Oh, and Obama said Trump couldn’t do it…

“Well, how exactly are you going to do that? What exactly are you going to do? There’s no answer to it. He just says, ‘Well, I’m going to negotiate a better deal.’ Well, what, how exactly are you going to negotiate that? What magic wand do you have? And usually the answer is, he doesn’t have an answer.” – Obama

Trump’s aiming for 25 million. I don’t know if he can do it, I hope so. Everyone needs a job, it’s good for everything but Democrat Voter Turnout. But I’d suggest all those welfare recipients had better get some work gloves out. Cause I expect it will be work or starve soon.

US Holiday retail rose 4.9% over last year. Beating the previous high from 2011. (Also – not when Obama was in office.)

I could write pages about how well Trump is doing. It’s insane. We won’t ever see a President like him again, one who can take the massive onslaught of abuse and keep pushing through. And WINNING.

Every day he is in office is a victory for Conservatives. Every single day he survives, he exposes the left and it’s lies and deceit and pushes America back towards it’s roots.

This is a man deserving of our prayers and thanks to God for.


Here’s the list that I promised earlier:

81 Trump Victories, as presented by the liberal Washington Post.

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