15 minutes in the life of a Snowflake. (A Short Story of Lunacy)


It was just another beautiful day of impending doom and gloom.

The evil Capitalist Industrial Complex pumped out trillions of pounds of carbon into the air, drilled mercilessly into the earth mothers crust to exploit her black blood of the earth and precious minerals. Meanwhile numerous cute, defenseless, furry, woodland creatures were slaughtered by backwoods, uneducated, rednecks without teeth and family genealogy problems. Earth was dying, and we were the cause. The beautiful summer flowers would soon wilt away and die. If Global Warming didn’t freeze them first, the acid rain from industrial pollution, or the rapidly depleting ozone layer from aerosol cans would eventually get them. Or the loss of the pink butt bullfrog’s natural habitat would destroy the fragile ecosystem that has remained unchanged for millions of years and kill us all. If only Al Gore had been elected back in 2000 instead of that dumb cowboy!

But instead of worrying about Earth and future generations, all the extreme right-wingers could think about was their precious jobs and tax cuts and border wall and stock market records. Fools. They elected Trump, and everyone knows the stock market is going to crash because of him. It’s just taking a little longer than CNN said it would.

But it’s too late now.

It was all stupid America’s fault, if only we hadn’t backed out of the Paris Accords. Then we could have reduced earths global warming by 0.00001 degrees per year. But instead America was pushing its imperialist will over everyone else and bullying them with undeserved might. Why couldn’t we be more like Europe or Canada? Prime Minister Trudeau was such a great man, at least he knew we could rehabilitate jihadists to be an extraordinarily powerful voice for the Muslim community. He was the beacon of hope that we no longer had.

Stepping past a large silver pickup, I intentionally dragged my keys down the side of it. Gas guzzlers were the bane of vehicular existence. Probably a stupid Trumpkin anyways. I huffed. He wasn’t my President. What a bozo. Obama was like, a gazillion times greater. He was a man of the people. He cared, he resonated, he even cried about things that he was passionate about.

I felt like we were very similar. I was passionate, and I cried a lot also. All the time.

Usually I wept for our future, where transgenders weren’t welcome in the military, where racist bigoted celebrities could be President, where Health Care wasn’t treated as a basic human right, where entire families of immigrants were deported behind an iron wall of hatred, where Radical Islam was considered the biggest threat instead of Russian Collusion or a Republican controlled Congress. Or where we couldn’t get rid of unwanted fetuses. They were just clumps of cells. Like removing a tumor or something. And if conservatives weren’t going to pay for them to be taken care of after they are born, who are they to act so high and mighty about killing them? They just wanted them to starve or not be able to read good or learn how to do other stuff really good too. Besides, they believe in corporal punishment. And everyone knows you should ask a child’s consent before you punish them, hold them, or hug them. Bunch of hypocritical child abusers is what they are.

There was always something to cry or be passionate about.

I kicked the trucks bumper for good measure, but my Birkenstocks didn’t do any damage. They just made my exposed toes hurt as I stubbed them.

I straightened my safety pin on my fashionable $40 Che Guevara T-shirt and reminded myself that I am a refuge of safety and dignity. There is strength in me, and I won’t be silenced or intimidated. The world was full of injustice, and I was a social justice warrior.

Then I saw it.

Someone had tried to peel it away, but I could still make out the large H and the “I’m With” lettering on the arrow that pointed to the side. The sticker was faded and torn, and Hillary’s name was almost unrecognizable. Yet, like her, it persisted.

Just like I also persisted.

I felt my lower chin begin to tremble, and my eyes start to water.

I forced myself to blink back the tears instead of giving in to them. I couldn’t break down now, I had to get to class. My Gender Studies in the Homosexual Community was my favorite class, my teacher inspired me. I copied her look with short purple hair, bright make-up, torn fish net stockings, and facial rings. I made sure I projected a strong feminist presence. I only wish I wasn’t a white male. I was the very thing that I hated so much. The archetype of racist and masculine evil. No wonder my parents didn’t understand me. They were white, heterosexual, and Christian. They were the absolute worst!

Averting my eyes from the peeling bumper sticker, I hurried. Holding the strap to my environmentally friendly hemp backpack tighter, I skirted around the homeless baby-murdering vet sleeping in a cardboard box as I made my way down the street. He was curled in a ball, sleeping, with an American Flag folded neatly beside a small donation can. I kicked it out of spite and it skittered into a puddle. I sniffed in righteous indignation, it served him right, he fought for oil. That meant he was just another one of George Bush’s peaceful Muslim murdering savages. Weapons of Mass Destruction, I harrumphed, G. Dumb. Bush was a weapon of mass destruction to the Iraqi People. He should be executed for War Crimes against Human Decency.

A man was walking the other way, swaying with toxic masculinity while texting on his phone. He was dressed casually, in jeans and black t-shirt. His hair was cut and slicked back, with slight stubble covering his chin. He was looking down at his phone when our shoulders grazed slightly as I tried to dodge out of the way. I squealed, and he muttered an apology before glancing up at me. We locked eyes for a moment. His mouth dropped open slightly before he squinted in confusion and quickly turned to walk away. It must be my exposed man breast and nipple pasty, of course he wouldn’t get it. He looked like the typical cis-gendered male, all arrogance and cockiness. I was gender fluid, so today I chose to show solidarity with feminists. I was especially proud of my eye liner, I watched a dozen YouTube videos on how to apply it perfectly.

I sneered after him before pulling out my brand new Iphone-X. It was the latest model and cost me over a thousand dollars. I used my Student Loans to pay for it. That’s what they are for anyways, to cover necessities. It was such a shame these weren’t free from the Government, stupid greedy Capitalists. Cell Phones were a basic human right.

I pulled up the app and quickly sent out a tweet:

Men are such pigs. #metoo #Oprah4POTUS #CheetoPrez

That would get plenty of attention. I couldn’t wait to see how many of my online friends liked it. I hoped it would go viral. Maybe Ellen DeGeneres would interview me, and I could talk about how I was nearly assaulted and disrespected on the street in the broad daylight. I started day dreaming about how I would make it sound more confrontational when I told the story and what I would have said to put that creep in his place and draw attention to our cause. I needed to practice my dance moves tonight just in case. She always danced on her show.

Then my phone pinged, and I saw I had an email from one of my professors.

It was an invitation to protest the latest conservative speaker on campus. Anyone who signed the attendance sheet being passed around would get extra credit! I don’t know why they kept trying to speak, no one wanted to hear what they had to say. They just came here to cause trouble. Bunch of ignorant mouth breathers. Last time I made sure that I stood at the front of the protest, so everyone could see me. I even hit a police officer with a dildo. That showed him. But then I got a rubber bullet to the groin, and while I considered myself a female that day, it still hurt. I threw up on my pink vagina hat. It still smelled bad. But I would be there, because I persisted!

As I passed one of the dorms, I inadvertently saw the poster through the window and it hit me like an emotional pile of bricks.

The familiar red, white, and blue poster with HOPE in bold words at the bottom. Obama, gazing towards the future with his strong and fearless gaze. I thought of the clown in office, his orange skin and clownish hair swept back, and his foul mouth and disrespectful attitude towards my African-American, Transgendered, Homosexual, Mexican-Islamic family. The internment camps he was probably having built right now, to round them up and deport them. His law enforcement thugs preparing lists of innocent children to deport. His cronies stacking their gold like Scrooge McDuck while I made $7.25 an hour flipping burgers. How was I supposed to survive on that? How dare they not pay me $15, or even $20 an hour! A wage you can live on is another basic human right! I have $40,000 in student loans I must pay back! Bernie Sanders would have forgiven them!

I couldn’t hold it in anymore. I started running for the nearest Safe Space. But it was so far away! Why weren’t they everywhere?

The unfairness of it all overwhelmed me and dropping to my knees, I bawled. The hot, salty tears rolled down my face and I could feel my mascara running into my mustache.

But I felt no shame, I was a refuge of strength and dignity against the injustice of America. My safety pin protest proved that. Expressing emotion just meant I was more ‘woke’ than everyone else.

Turning my face upwards, I clenched my fists and screamed my social justice warrior rage at the sky.

Democrats and the SEVEN Scandals. (Not a Disney Movie)

The lights are being shined on the Democrats and they are scurrying like cockroaches.

First – We’ve got the IRS admitting they targeted Conservative groups under the Obama Administration. This is incredible political abuse. But meh, Trump called a someone a jerk on Twitter today for being a jerk. Let’s run that on the front pages instead. And of course, Obama didn’t know anything about it until he saw it on the news.

Second – We’ve got Hollywood imploding, all these liberal mega-donors are suddenly cut off from publicly funding Democrats ‘progress’. (Sure, they’ll still TAKE the money from women and kid rapists, but they won’t be allowed to ‘publicly’ host multi-million dollar wine and dine fundraisers for the uber-rich to schmooze Politicians.)

It will be interesting to see how this effects Democrat election efforts next year when all that remains of Hollywood is a long list of incarcerations and a pile of ash while Indie (Independent) films take over.

Third – Debbie Wasserman (Head of the DNC who was fired after Podesta’s emailed revealed she was rigging the Democrat Primary in favor of the Wicked Witch from Arkansas), her IT scandal is simmering and waiting to explode. There’s no telling what sort of ‘terabytes’ of info her obviously sketchy IT guy moved from Congressional computers. I doubt it was Hillary’s ‘Yoga Schedule’ that was on her basement server.

Fourth – Paul Manafort was indicted by the Special Counsel that is filled with Clinton Donators, and not a single bit of it has anything to do with Trump. The very first indictment has NOTHING to do with Trump…. My isn’t that interesting? Instead, Manafort’s shading dealings with… drumroll… the brother of Former Hillary Campaign Chairman Podesta. But…but…Trump and Russia…rigged something er other somehow!

Fifth – The infamous Trump Dossier… turns out the Clintons were involved and paid 9 million to some shady group with Russian ties to try and dig up dirt against Trump that may tie him to the Russians. The returned info was so obviously unfounded BS, no media would run with it. Until, BuzzFeed(A Clinton supporter), decided a week prior to the election – screw it, let’s run it and at the VERY end, say we can’t confirm anything in this article.  (That’s liberal media at it’s finest, here’s a bunch of hogwash we can’t prove or back up with any sources, but it will help sway voters in the election, so just believe us okay?) Best part, the FEC (Federal Elections Commission) is doing their own investigation because the Democrats tried to hide the payments of 9 million so they could deny it for… oh what? Almost a year now that they had anything to do with it or the Russians?

This ALSO, is most likely the reason that the FBI decided to start wire-tapping and spying on Trump and his associates. Because while the Dossier, so far fetching and obviously untrue that no liberal media(except Buzzfeed) was willing to touch it, was justification for the FBI to open an investigation into Trump/Russia connections. Or something like that…

Of course, this is during the Obama era FBI.

Which leads into the next scandal.

Sixth – Comney began drafting statements of exoneration for Hillary before the Email investigation had gotten off the ground and before anyone had even been interviewed. This is the same goon, who tried to play J. Edgar Hoover, and play politics with the FBI, by intentionally not presenting Hillary’s Email case before a grand jury to decide if they should indict then caused a bunch of chaos by not keeping his mouth shut to the media.  The same dirt bag who intentionally leaked memo’s about how Trump made him uncomfortable, to get a special counsel set up to investigate the man who fired him. And then publicly perjured himself in front of Congress lying about how he never kept memo’s of previous Presidents (A lie) and that he didn’t make a decision about Hillary until the Tarmac meeting between Bill Clinton and the Attorney General (A lie).

Seventh – Now, the Uranium One deal. Which is kind of strange, I heard bits and pieces about this during the election but it was suspiciously never fully investigated or became a major scandal until now. The gist being, the Ruskies gave the Clinton Foundation a ton of money(Plus paying Serial-Rapist Bill Clinton $500,000 for a SPEECH) and receive 20% of our Uranium supply in return after being approved by the State Department that was headed by (you guessed it) Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. (I suppose we get it back if they NUKE us?)

So here we have some actual collusion with the Russians.

And we get crickets from the liberal media. Because it’s not the collusion they want.

What they really want, is something that will lead to a Constitutional Crisis and sink the Trump presidency and somehow let Hillary Clinton become President instead.

Yeah, sure kids.

Good luck with your fiction world.

But you can’t change the past and this picture will always exist on the internet and entertain we proud deplorables who defeated Sauron…er… Wicked Witch of the…er.. Hillary.  🙂




EDIT – 11/1 – It was pointed out to me that the biggest Democrat Scandal is that of the Media’s campaign of silence and deceit of anything negative towards the left and anything positive towards the right.  I concur 100%.

EDIT – 11/3 – What a difference TWO days makes.  In that time frame, Donna Brazile (Temporary head of DNC after Wasserman Schultz was booted out when the emails from Podesta were leaked showing collusion for Hillary to win), has proof of an actual FORMAL AGREEMENT between the DNC and Hillary Clinton to ensure that she is the nominee. Of course, if a Republican had brought this to life, it would have been ignored. But it’s hard to ignore a Democrat turning on another for rigging an election against their own voter base.

We also learn today, that Obama hid 470,000 documents from the Bin Ladin raid so that he could claim he defeated Al Qaeda and get re-elected. When the Documents proved otherwise, and showed Iran as helping fund terrorism.  Instead, he lies to the people, gets re-elected, then tries to become friends with IRAN by sending them pallets of money and freeing up billions in sanctions at their word that they won’t nuke us anytime soon.

Sheesh. The scandals just keep coming..

And people actually vote Democrat….

Where are our John Waynes of Hollywood?

Where are the REAL men?

What happened to the classy Hollywood leading men? Where men like John Wayne, James Stewart, Gregory Peck, Charlton Heston, and Ronald Reagan hailed from?

Men, who put their careers on hold to enlist during wartime.

Men, who acted like men.

Men, who stood for what was right and just and honorable. Men, who owned guns and understood the necessity of righteous violence.

Men, who treated women like the lovely and interesting creatures they are.

(This doesn’t apply to the ‘mad cow disease’ feminists, you are neither lovely nor interesting.)

Men who were willing to punch other men in the face and take a punch themselves.

The sort who upheld Christian morals and traditions and didn’t make a bunch of crummy remakes and sequels, then charge us $15 a ticket and another $15 for popcorn and soda only to use our money against us by playing politics and telling us we suck.

Was Hollywood perfect back then? Of course not. I’m sure it had some sleaze balls and morally bankrupt losers.

And they hold some responsibility, for not stomping out the evil as it popped up like a dark arcade room game of Whack-A-Mole.

Some did try harder and failed grander than others.

McCarthy tried to show the infiltration of Communist ideals and beliefs into Hollywood and failed. That collapsed. But we all see just how correct he was now.

After all, it had Jane Fonda and her ‘Small-c Communism” and that wicked witch is STILL cherished in Hollywood.

Cherished for hating America with every bit of undignified behavior she showed before the enemy when she posed with that Viet Cong Anti-aircraft gun that most likely had KILLED Americans.

Where is karma when you need it? Where is the giant anvil falling from the sky and squashing her like the Loony-Tune she is?

But the era of MEN who act like MEN in Hollywood is gone.

Now we live in a day and age, where the leading man of Hollywood, with his sixth wife, twentieth tabloid cover, socialistic ideals, sneer at us commoners.

So obviously, we can’t expect any of those sorry excuses of men to actually step up and point out a well known sex predator who operated with almost zero repercussions for DECADES.


His driver came out and said that for years he dropped off women knowing what would happen to them, then picked them up crying and dumped them off somewhere else. He said he ‘felt bad’ about it.

Oh YOU felt bad about it – Then why didn’t you DO SOMETHING you enabling and accessory to crime, cowardly excuse of a man?


So many big actors and actresses are flocking to the media so fast you can’t keep track of them. Talking about how horrific Weinstien was and how it was ‘the worst kept secret in Hollywood’ – What’s all your excuses for not coming forward?

His victims have a good reason.

But what about you leading ‘men’?  The Brad Pitts, George Clooneys, Matt ‘Matt Damon’ Damons, and Ben Afflecks?

Was it fear for your career?

Is it? Is it FEAR?  Or is it that your desire for Fame, Wealth, Influence, and Power is stronger than speaking out?

You chose to be successful over doing the right thing.

Oh sure, I see lots of excuses. How people tried to bring it up and were told to ‘let it go’, ‘that’s just Harvey’, ‘don’t pursue this if you want to be successful’.

I guess doing the right thing means you stop as soon as it gets DIFFICULT.

I guess that’s why Weinstien was the second most thanked person in the last 1,400 Oscar acceptance speeches, right after Speilberg and four places ahead of GOD.

As usual, that shines the light on the problem. When God isn’t first, immorality reigns.

And without courage and faith, of course you lack the blueberries to do the right thing in the face of adversity.

And in Hollywood, where the godless immoral liberal elite – those who cry over the eating of animals, lecture us on burning fossil fuels, sneer at us for worshipping God, proudly support the killing of the unborn, and deride us for voting against their selected Candidate… How could they do anything but capitulate to evil?

Because in THEIR eyes, THEY are the greater good while WE are the vile unenlightened evil that exists to be overcome.

We unwashed masses, in our archaic religion, with our backward morals… we just aren’t smaRt like they is.

(I guess because we don’t eat Gwenyth Paltrow’s GOOP!)

And you.

You Pink Hat Wearing, Obscene Sign Waving, Foul Mouthed Feminist’s of ‘Women’s March 2017!’

You who were so quick to march by the tens of thousands against the Raping/Assaulting/Tyrant Trump while ignoring Hillary’s enabling of her husband’s assaults and transgressions by DESTROYING his victims.

But let’s not forget, CONSERVATIVE women weren’t allowed to be part of your march for “Transformative Social Change”. Because they aren’t Baby Killin’ enough for you and because the march wasn’t about Social Change, it was about your false hopes that you could create a #RESIST movement that would replace Trump with your pick.

And if it truly was, about ‘Transformative Social Change’ – Where is your march on Hollywood? Where is your movement to tear down the HOLLYWOOD sign as a representation of abuse and subjugation of women by a sexist, male dominated, chauvinistic, predatory industry for decades?  I thought liberals were all about tearing down any representation of ‘Injustice’?

Ah yes, Liberalism is Hypocrisy.

Speaking of which:

“Any woman who voted against Hillary Clinton voted against their voice.”

-Michelle Obama

So I guess those women who voted for your husband over her during the Primaries of 2008…. voted against their ‘voice’?

What a hypocritical witch. Go fade into obscurity, please.

You want women to be empowered, but only if they do what you say, and vote how you want, and anyone who does the opposite is a GENDER TRATIOR.

That’s not empowerment, that’s enslavement.

But let’s talk about Harvey and Hollywood… Your husband as well as the Clinton’s took maxed out personal donations from Harvey Weinstein, and he raised MILLIONS for you with his uppity fundraisers in New York and Hollywood.  You called him ‘A wonderful human being, a good friend’… Awwww.

Wait a minute.

Did you not know ‘The Worst Kept Secret in Hollywood’? -fake gasp-

You say you were shocked and appalled… But the four of you, Michelle/Barrack Obama and Hillary/Bill Clinton, you were all so IN with the Hollywood crowd and so close to him? Did you not know?

Because SURELY with all your political and judicial power with the FBI/CIA/Dept of Justice/etc at your fingertips – YOU could have done something or subtly investigated if such a heinous human being was trying to schlub up with you?

Oh who am I even kidding?

I remember Obama’s excuse every single time some dark aspect of Democrats had a light shown upon it. “I found out about it on the news this morning.” Hillary’s Email Server, Fast and Furious, NSA spying on Foreign Leaders, Gen Petraeus Scandal, IRS targeting Conservatives, Justice Dept wiretapping Fox and AP reporters, or the VA ‘Waiting List’ scandal.

Convenient for you to be so stupid and ignorant when something controversial comes up. Either you were profoundly inept as a leader, or you were a rotten politician trying to get away with everything you could. Answer: Both.

So, of course YOU (Clinton/Obama/Feminists) aren’t really doing anything.

Because you won’t do squat against a bunch of rich, powerful, influential LIBERALS.

Because to you, pushing your agenda is more important than right or wrong.

Gee, it sure would suck if your party didn’t have the hundreds of millions from Hollywood flooding into the DNC’s warchests to help beat Conservatives. Or all these leftist Celebrities using their influence and power to back some lame socialist program or trying to convince people to vote your way.

The same Politicians who invite people like Jay Z/Ludacris/etc to the White House that supposedly care so much about women’s issues like birth control/abortion/assault/glass ceiling hoodoo-voodoo. (Guess you Feminist’s have never listened to any of their lyrics huh? FALSE. Of course you have. You’re just justifying it because, again, Agenda > Morals).

And to show you once again, to put it plain and clearly, Liberalism is Hypocrisy because:

The same politicians who say that Conservatives are Waging a War on Women, are in fact FUNDED by an actual Industry that actually Abuses Women.

So the John Waynes, the moral beacons, the TRUE masculine figures who think, act, and speak like men, that we look up to, adore, and dream of being like when we grow up – they aren’t welcome in Hollywood because… you guess it.


Anyone who speaks out is destroyed. Tim Allen got sucker punched for speaking out in defense of Trump, and telling everyone that Hollywood is like 1930’s Germany for a conservative.

And I’m guessing the only reason Chris Pratt is still around is because he shocked you with his back to back to back hits of Lego Movie, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Jurassic World.  He’s to big to push into the gutter right now.

I doubt with his pro-gun, pro-hunting, unpolitically-correct views, and pro-Christian stance he will be there for the long haul.

That’s okay – he’s too good for Hollywood.

But we need more of men like him.

And ultimately, our SOCIETY needs more men like him.

So do your part, RESIST the progressive emasculating agenda, read the below link, then raise yourself or your sons to be MEN.

No, Women aren’t Equal to Men.

Because as the saying goes, You can be a man or a liberal – but you can’t be both.





In other news, Trump has curb stomped ISIS into submission within 10 months. Showing what Testicular Fortitude, a ‘bomb the hell out of ISIS’ campaign promise, and a ‘Mad Dog’ off his leash can accomplish once you remove spineless politicians and politics from leading the military.

I posted this picture from 5.56 Productions on Facebook the day after Trump was elected.


I repeat it now for TRUTH.


If your parents sneak you into Disneyland, and you get kicked out – whose fault is it? Yours? Your Parents? Or Disneyland?

Apparently DACA is more complicated than that.  Because FEELINGS.

BTW – DACA stands for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.

Think about that for a moment. DEFERRED. Noun. To put off for a later time. To postpone.

If my Student Loans are DEFERRED due to a financial hardship – does this mean I can ignore them indefinitely? (Don’t answer that if you voted for Bernie – You aren’t entitled to free college. Get a job loser.)

So Deferred, means to be dealt with later. In the words of Barrack Hussein Obama, circa 2012.

“In the next few months, eligible individuals who do not present a risk to national security or public safety will be able to request temporary relief from deportation proceedings and apply for work authorization. Let’s be clear: this is not amnesty, this is not immunity, this is not a path to citizenship, this is not a permanent fix.”

“This is a temporary stop-gap measure that lets us focus our resources wisely while giving a degree of relief and hope to talented, driven, and patriotic young people. It is the right thing to do.”

Huh, Temporary. Sounds like a DEFERMENT. Which, as I said before, the dictionary tells us means to put off for a later time, to postpone.

This is Obama blocking deportation while kicking a problem down the road for someone else to deal with because Congress wouldn’t give him an amnesty. (Ironically since he deported more people than all previous Presidents combined!)

By the way, let’s not forget that Obama had the Dept of Homeland Security stop running background checks on DACA applicants. Because… I dunno – Doesn’t the President have a moral responsibility to place American Citizens safety above foreigners? Rhetorical question.

Well times up kids. It’s been 5 years. The bill is due.

Here’s some quick facts.

  1. Only 60% of DACA kids actually finished High School.
  2. Deporting them would open up 700,000 jobs to Americans.
  3. Amnesty would cost Tax Payers 6.3 TRILLION.

I don’t want to hear, “They do jobs American’s don’t want to do!”

Well guess what – If you stop GIVING Americans money for not working, they’ll get to work! That’s not an excuse!

But why do these facts matter? I dunno, but it’s nice to know stuff that is relevant.

And because education is important – how big of a benefit to society are people who can’t make it through High School? Very little. So these jobs, yeah – mostly low paying jobs. These people aren’t going to become doctors, firefighters, police officers, teachers, lab technicians, nurses, or God help us – Attorneys, if they can’t pass HS.

And the 700,000 jobs? Here’s a novel idea, let’s fill these low paying temporary type jobs  with college kids and bring back the concept of working your way through college. So when they come out with some worthless degree like Underwater Gender Creation, Protest Sign Waving, or a BS in Socialistic Tyranny, they won’t have 40k in student loans that they want everyone else to pay for because they spent all their time protesting conservatives on campus and burning books instead of working. (You’re still hosed with that degree though.)

And the 6.3 TRILLION? Do I need to explain the math of that and why it’s ridiculous that we should pay so much for people who benefit our society so little? We have a debt crisis in America – If you think that doesn’t matter, you’re an economic FOOL.

Oh I know, rich culture, great food, short women, hard workers – whatever. Facts matter.

And I love Mexican Food, just like Donald!!



Onward we go!

Now props for Obama actually TRYING to do something about a problem that has been going on for decades now. At least he tried to get Congress to address it – which they refused. So he stepped in.

What this means is, Obama, instead of following his Constitutional charge of faithfully enforcing Federal Laws AS WRITTEN, he decided to go around them as he ‘wished’ for them to be.

When DACA was enacted by Obama’s pen instead of correctly being routed through Congress, it was an abuse of his Executive Power. (As shown when his DAPA.. Deferred Actions for Parents of Americans.. was struck down. The Supreme Court voted 4/4 on hearing DACA after Scalio died, or I’m sure that would have been 5/4 and overturned.)

So this is the very same abuse Trump is being accused of by ending it.

Because RACISM!

Racism everywhere! Everything is RACIST! AGHHHH! EVIL orange haired white man hates anyone born with a tan!

So here Trump is, correcting the balance of power and giving it back to Congress to deal with – and he’s a racist tyrant whose going to drag screaming/crying kids across the border by their hair and throw them across the Rio Grande.

It’s not like he’s one of those Walmart Parent’s we all have seen.

Besides, most of them are between 20 to 35. They aren’t a bunch of little kids anymore.

But suddenly, after Trump was elected, millions upon millions of sore-loser Hillary and Bernie voters believe themselves to be all-knowing political pundits without actually knowing anything about anything. They, with their arms linked amongst the Hollywood Celebrities and Fake Media angrily ignore the fact that Trump is giving Congress six months to find a constitutional solution created by an unconstitutional action.

So they cry, scream, rant, rave, and froth at the mouth over everything little thing.


You guys cry so much wolf we don’t even bother listening anymore.

There could be a REAL picture of Trump in a KKK outfit holding a noose in one hand and a burning cross in the other from his past college days, and no one would believe you idiots.

Words have meaning and connotations. But when you beat one to death, ‘RACIST!’, it loses it’s meaning. It’s like cussing. If you toss one in every now and than, it’s like an exclamation mark in the middle of a sentence. But if you use one every other word, you’re just obnoxious and it’s a filler word like, “Uh” “Like” “Ummm”.

That’s what your insults have become, filler words with no meaning.

“Oh look at the news, George Clooney said Trump is racist!”

“Lovely Dear, please pass the toast.”

That’s how much we give a hoot about your childish, meaningless insults.

Ultimately – When it comes down to it – We ain’t deporting these people. So your whining is pointless… just like all whining is.

Deportation would be a nightmare and morally questionable. I follow Krauthammer’s method of dealing with illegal aliens.


His method is:

  1. Build a wall to stem the tide to a controllable and properly vetted amount.
  2. Grant all current Illegals a Visa without the possibility of Voting. If you have broken the law to come here illegally, you do not get the right to determine our countries destiny – but you do get to enjoy all other benefits. But your CHILDREN will be full citizens.

I’m good with that. But I also like the idea of cutting off benefits to ALL illegals to force them to first leave, granting FULL citizenship to anyone who serves in our Military, and I also like the idea of prioritizing immigrants.

If you have a valuable skill set to add to our society, come on in. If you’ve no education, no skill set to provide for yourself or your family, go find one and come back.

We cannot and are not, obligated to deprive our society of resources, safety, and a future to help others.

Yeah, yeah, the whole Statue of Liberty poem thing.

“Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!” cries she
With silent lips. “Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.

Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

It’s a POEM. It is NOT LAW.

It was part of a fundraiser to pay for the pedestal. That is not LAW.  By all means, search through our immigration laws and let me know if you find that poem in there somewhere though. Maybe I’m wrong.

(I’m not.)

“But it’s our embodiment of spirit and way of life!”

No, no, no – It’s a poem on a plaque written by a female Jew.

(Nothing wrong with that, just interesting given how being pro-Islamic and anti-Israeli is all the popular rage now.)

And by the way, our country has had given far more in resources and precious blood to foreign countries of little worth to us, full of huddled masses yearning to breathe free, than anyone else. No other country in the world will go in and quench the fires of Communism, Socialism, Fascism, Tyranny, and Oppression with our own blood, then hand it back over to the people formerly known as peasants without raping/pillaging/genociding/savaging and then resource draining it. (You know – Like the UNITED NATIONS does.)

“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure,” Jefferson, November 13, 1787. (Another one of those RACISTS! that the left complains about)

We’ve certainly fertilized it.

So chill out, America isn’t some evil power hungry empire led by White Supremacist Tyrant Trump.  And no one is getting deported, except those who break laws over and over and over and over again.

By the way, you should try Google. There’s all sorts of Democrats saying this was a Temporary measure that needs to be legislatively fixed when Obama unconstitutionally forced it upon us.

But of course they pivot to the other direction when it’s not politically helpful to them.

Speaking of which….

Raise your hand if you remember seven year old Elian Gonzalez back in 2000?


That’s the kid right there, with the horrified look on his face, and with the full-auto sub gun being pointed by the Border Patrol Agent who was there on President Bill Clinton and Attorney General Janet Reno’s behalf to snatch/grab him for deportation.

Quick story – His mom died trying to bring him over in a boat from Cuba and was placed with her relatives in Miami. It caused an international incident. So Clinton/Reno had a 122 person INS team raid the house to get the kid.

Because, seriously – Who the in the world would ever willingly hand ANYONE over to the murdering godless Commies?

Anyways. He’s been brain-washed into another Communist.

Good job DEMOCRATS. (And some miserable Republicans!)

I suppose now is a good time to bring up the Wet Foot/Dry Foot Policy we had, that Obama ended in Jan 2017. Basically anyone who managed to escape Commie Cuba and made it to our shores could apply for citizenship one year later.

But, like all things politics, look at voter demographics. Cubans tend to be Republican.  (But Hispanics tend to be Democrats… hrmmmmm)

Am I leaping to conclusions?


After all – Obama waited until 2017 to end it, after he snuggled up with Cuba.

But again, COMMUNISTS!

Communist Regimes have killed over 100,000,000 people….

“Let’s be friends with them!”



An Update on the Book – 57,000 words into it. That’s about 126 pages with size 12 font. Fun, fun. For what it’s worth, researching Triceratops and Winchester Model 94’s is kinda fun.


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Damnatio Memoraie!

Damnatio Memoraie is a latin term for ‘Condemnation of Memory’. (Sounds like something from Harry Potter) In Roman times, anyone who fell from grace would have their statues, monuments, or references removed or destroyed with the purpose of erasing them from history.

ISIS has been doing the same thing in the middle east. They call it ‘Durka-Durka-Durka’ or something.

It’s hard to not look around today and see the same thing occurring in America by these supposed ‘do-gooders’ who are out to make the world a nice comfy bubble of safety and security from any sort of hurt feelings for everyone… everyone except those who don’t agree with them.  Those guys and girls obviously deserve the hurt feelings that are beaten into them with baseball bats by those masked tolerant/accepting/loving people from the left.

Because they are mind-boggingly stupid, violent, and hypocritically intolerant people.

So now we have buildings and streets being renamed because someone got ‘offended’. We have statues and monuments torn down or moved to a discrete location out of supposed shame for what a bunch of clowns think they stand for. We have some poor Asian American guy getting pulled from TV because his name happens to be Robert Lee. We have people who want to tear down Mount Rushmore and Monticello.

Where does this end?

After everything America is founded on is destroyed?

After the White House is destroyed(built with slave labor), after the Constitution is burned(written by slave owners), after New York City is renamed(named after a slave trader), after the Founding Fathers names have been stricken from history because they may have owned slaves?

What is the end game here?

Other than to convince people that America is founded on racism, bigotry, and hatred and needs to be fundamentally re-made to a more politically correct America(Ie LIBERAL AMERICA).

Which is the sort of America where its socially acceptable for the masked protesting masses to beat anyone who dares to disagree or voice a differing opinion.

So what past generations of Americans felt worthy of honor or remembrance (Or maybe just to thumb their nose at someone), decades later a handful of micro-aggressed wimps can destroy or remove by being obnoxious enough (or criminal enough) that someone finally listens or gives in to them.

Did you know the Governor of North Carolina, wanted to take the statutes down because they might injure a protestor by falling on them when they destroy them?


There are REAL problems out there, like the threat of a nuclear war from North Korea. The constant barrage of Radical Islamic attacks. The debt ceiling. Obamacare. Hurricane Harvey and the destruction in Texas and Louisiana. The upcoming waves of tourists into the mountains as the leaves begin to change in a few months.

But no, here we are. Dealing with this ridiculous B.S.

Do you know what Auschwitz looks like today?



1,100,000 ‘undesirable’ lives were snuffed out there.

It’s amazing that grass even grows on that wretched ground.

There’s an entire RACE that should be offended by what happened in Nazi Germany.


As a remembrance of what people can do to each other. Because history that is forgotten is oft repeated. And as long as that monument to the horrors of the 1.1 million that died there exists, it will NEVER be forgotten.

BTW – Did YOU know we put Japanese-Americans in internment camps during WWII by the Democrat President FDR?  Probably not. Damnatio Memoraie!

Was slavery wrong? Yes. Was it the custom of the times? Yes. Did 1,000,000 Americans die because of it? NO. Sorry, but the majority of the South did not go to war to keep slaves they didn’t have.

By the way, I don’t have a dog in this fight. If I recall correctly, my ancestors were eating dirt in the mountains because they were so poor. My great-something-er-other was like 6 or so, and his father was 60+, so they weren’t able to go slay the invading Irish Immigrants that were being marched down, straight off the boat, from the North. (They were probably told we had a lot of potatoes.)

(The details are inaccurate in the above statement, but the jist is not)

So should every reference, every mention, every monument that can even remotely be connected to racism be erased from current and future history because it offends someone?


Because all countries have their dark days, and America, as a magnificent shining beacon of freedom and liberty should not be dimmed and dulled because of an acceptable practice at the time that we have since moved past.

152 years past actually.

Speaking of the Civil War, I’ve been researching Nathan Bedford Forest for my fictionally adventurous FUN book. He’s got a small but pivotal role in it that involves Gatling guns, a train chase, and general awesomeness, because during the Civil War, he was A WAR GOD.

If Ares, the god of war, of Greek Mythology came down from Mount Olympus riding a horse named Roderick, carrying a cavalry sword (sharpened on both edges), and a pair of Colt Navy Revolvers in .36 caliber – You would have Nathan Bedford Forrest.

He’s the only person in history to go from Private to General. (Of note, he held barely any formal education, but was a self-made millionaire before the war with terrible handwriting, who raised and equipped an entire cavalry battalion on his own dime)

During a mis-communicated cavalry charge, he rode by himself into a Union Picket by accident, where he emptied his revolvers into the soldiers, drew his sword, was shot in the spine, then snatched some poor Union soldier up onto his horse as a meat shield while he rode away to keep them from shooting at him any more.

Probably while whistling Dixie.

He wasn’t called ‘Wizard of the Saddle’ for no reason.

While a slave owner who, after the war, gave this speech in 1875 .

Ladies and Gentlemen I accept the flowers as a memento of reconciliation between the white and colored races of the southern states. I accept it more particularly as it comes from a colored lady, for if there is any one on God’s earth who loves the ladies I believe it is myself. (Immense applause and laughter.) This day is a day that is proud to me, having occupied the position that I did for the past twelve years, and been misunderstood by your race. This is the first opportunity I have had during that time to say that I am your friend. I am here a representative of the southern people, one more slandered and maligned than any man in the nation.

I will say to you and to the colored race that men who bore arms and followed the flag of the Confederacy are, with very few exceptions, your friends. I have an opportunity of saying what I have always felt – that I am your friend, for my interests are your interests, and your interests are my interests. We were born on the same soil, breathe the same air, and live in the same land. Why, then, can we not live as brothers? I will say that when the war broke out I felt it my duty to stand by my people. When the time came I did the best I could, and I don’t believe I flickered. I came here with the jeers of some white people, who think that I am doing wrong. I believe that I can exert some influence, and do much to assist the people in strengthening fraternal relations, and shall do all in my power to bring about peace. It has always been my motto to elevate every man- to depress none. (Applause.) I want to elevate you to take positions in law offices, in stores, on farms, and wherever you are capable of going.

I have not said anything about politics today. I don’t propose to say anything about politics. You have a right to elect whom you please; vote for the man you think best, and I think, when that is done, that you and I are freemen. Do as you consider right and honest in electing men for office. I did not come here to make you a long speech, although invited to do so by you. I am not much of a speaker, and my business prevented me from preparing myself. I came to meet you as friends, and welcome you to the white people. I want you to come nearer to us. When I can serve you I will do so. We have but one flag, one country; let us stand together. We may differ in color, but not in sentiment. Use your best judgment in selecting men for office and vote as you think right.

Many things have been said about me which are wrong, and which white and black persons here, who stood by me through the war, can contradict. I have been in the heat of battle when colored men, asked me to protect them. I have placed myself between them and the bullets of my men, and told them they should be kept unharmed. Go to work, be industrious, live honestly and act truly, and when you are oppressed I’ll come to your relief. I thank you, ladies and gentlemen, for this opportunity you have afforded me to be with you, and to assure you that I am with you in heart and in hand” (Prolonged applause.)

But yeah, we should tear down this guys statue right? Because Boo-hoo-hoo?

I think we should make it at least three times bigger.

Back to the meat of this – Currently, no one in America is a slave. No one in America has owned any slaves, unless you are an Islamic immigrant – than you may have sex slaves.

So what’s your grounds for argument?

Illogical and irrational FEELINGS don’t count for squat.

This isn’t new, this idea gained a lot of moment after that window-licker with the bowl haircut shot up a black church a few years ago. There was a massive outcry against anything remotely confederate because he poised with the confederate flag in one of his pictures.

Amazon, Walmart, Ebay, and Sears all stopped selling Confederate Flags afterwards. (But at the time you could still buy ISIS Flags from Amazon. Go figure.)

The biggest thing that came out of that previous uproar was the removal of the Confederate Flag from Government Buildings.

Okay, that doesn’t bother me any. I have no issue with individuals flying it, but I don’t think we should have a defunct government’s flag flying on American government buildings. But I also didn’t particularly care if a state chose to fly it, this country was born out of resistance to the powers that be. We should never quench that spirit.

Besides, the Democrats put it up there as a protest against the Civil Rights movement anyways.


Moving on…

Nancy Pelosi, ding-bat extraordinaire. Recently came out and said she wanted the Confederate Statues that she’s walked past every day since she was elected in the 1800’s to be removed because they are suddenly OFFENSIVE.

No – You are trying to capitalize on this movement to stir up your base, because without your voters energy from racial strife and intolerance towards anything different from their views – you wouldn’t have a job!

BTW – Did you know her father dedicated a statue to Stonewall Jackson and Robert E Lee back in 1948? Hahahaha.

You know who is a major Democrat force for this movement?

Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

You might remember her, she was ousted from the DNC after it was revealed she was swaying the DNC in Hillary’s favor over Bernie. What a statute of moral authority! She tried to rig an election against someone she disagreed with and cheater the Democrat voters from their rightful ruler and heir to the throne…Hillary.

I’m not even going to get into the IT scandal where her former staffer (who was being paid an absurd amount of money for a congressional staffer) tried to flee the country with $300,000 after having access to a lot of sketchy confidential congressional accounts.

But yes. Debbie knows best. Let’s rename the roads and tear down the monuments!

But wait!

Did you know Martin Luther King Jr was against Gay Marriage?

LOL – Try to tear down THAT statute and see what happens!

What about Robert Byrd? Longest serving Democrat Congressman? And also a well chronicled member of the KKK? Who also personally filibustered the Civil Rights Movement of 1964 for 14 hours straight to prevent it from passing?

I don’t know how much junk is named after that goon.

Let’s go deeper.

The Democrat Party, see below link about the Democratic Parties history of racism and slavery.

Inconvenient Truth about the Democratic Party

The first excuse you will hear is “The Parties SWITCHED!”  Suddenly the Republican Party is the immoral party of racism and hatred! (Someone point out THAT exact moment in time to me please.)

Because Geography matters more than Morals – and the once racist south must… obviously… ALWAYS be racist forevermore.

Okay – Watch this video for an explanation:

When did the Democratic South Become Republican

So this is stupid.

But if you want to play stupid games, I can give you a stupid prize.

I could easily make the argument that the Democrat Party should be banned on the same grounds.

They were the party of slavery.

They were the party that opposed the 14th and 15th Amendments that freed slaves and granted the right to vote.

They were the party that used the KKK as it’s military arm to intimidate and terrorize.

They voted against the Civil Rights act.

They(FDR) elected Hugo Black, a former member of the KKK, to the Supreme Court.

They(FDR) opposed de-segregating the military.

They(JFK) voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1947, opposed Martin Luther King’s 1963 march on Washington, and had him wire-tapped.

They were the ones who stood in front of an Alabama School house in 1963 declaring Segregation would never end.

They(President Woodrow Wilson) re-segregated the government in 1913.

They supported the Dred Scott decision (An enslaved man whose owners took him into ‘Free States’ and tried to sue for his freedom and was denied).

You probably didn’t know that – because Damnatio Memoraie!

So let’s put the Democrat Party in a glass case in a museum and look at them like a bug under a magnifying glass to see what went wrong and how we should prevent it in the future.

Oh – You don’t wanna play stupid games anymore?

Very well.

Some bad things happened and some bad judgements were made through out our nations history. Big deal, from what I understand the majority of those who made them are dead anyways.

If you knew anything about History – if Europe was as pathetically apologetic as some Americans are, they’d be laying prostrate, crying in the mud, for all eternity, in misery of what their ancestors have done to each other.

We men are wretched things.” – Homer from The Iliad.

That doesn’t mean we can’t move on and try to better in the future.

Which we have achieved. (For the most part)





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Good, Bad… Trump’s the one with the Presidency.

If you didn’t get that reference, it’s from Army of Darkness. Watch the clip below and enjoy the awesomeness that is Bruce Campbell. It’s corny and hilarious, it was influential in my upbringing. I blame my somewhat idiotic sense of humor on it. Watch the whole movie. It will blow your mind!

Good. Bad. I’m the guy with the gun.


So Trump.

The guy is certainly far from perfect. But he’s pretty magnificent also.

I didn’t particularly want him, I would have preferred Rand Paul or Ted Cruz. Either of them would have been able to dance through the political pitfalls of the office with a savage grace as they cut government down to a fraction of it’s current size. It would have been a glorious red tape cutting ceremony of governmental death and destruction.


But when it came down to Trump or Hillary, it was a no-brainer for my vote.

A Democrat Mafia Crime Boss with socialist leanings who is a sex crime enabler and  actively destroyed the reputation of her Impeached Serial Rapist Ex-President Husband’s victims while taking foreign donations in return for political favors run through her fraudulent Clinton Foundation as well as comprising our national security to keep her secretive and illegal doings away from the FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) and not only ran a poorly secure server but also literally smashed her cell phones with a hammer so data couldn’t be retrieved, or an Egotistical Flamboyant Billionaire with a potty mouth and moderate stances who selflessly was willing to give up billions of dollars from his empire as well as subjecting himself to the unceasing assault on every aspect of his life from both the left and right to do what he viewed was best for our country and not himself.

One is full of snails and puppy dog tails and the other full of gold and spice and everything that is better than everything else.

Easy choice.

(Feel free to cut and paste that when your hear people whine about how the election was stolen by the Ruskies or swayed by Sexism.)

Don’t take this as some sort of Trump-Worship, he’s certainly not without faults. (Aren’t we all?)

At times he seems to Forest Gump his way through the blood thirsty Democrat/Never-Trumper piranhas with a sort of political naivety that is astonishing. At other times, he makes brilliant chess moves. No one is perfect. (Although in his mind he is.) But I’ll take an Ego with a penchant for putting America first than the last president with an Ego who put America last.

But not only has he been entertaining to observe, he’s been incredibly effective.

I honestly believe the man wants his face carved on Mount Rushmore.

And he probably deserves it.

But not in the way that Obama received a Nobel Peace Price. (That’s hideously ironic given what I am about to say a little further down about his wartime record.). Obama received it in a ‘I hope you will do well – here’s a famous trophy you are getting for participation that normally goes to people who actually achieve something” that the Nobel Prize Committee later said they regretted.

I’m trying to find a way to compare his historical upset over Hillary to the sitting Vice President Aaron Burr shooting the former Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton in a duel back in 1804. (From what I gather Hillary’s reaction to losing that glorious fall night back in 2016 was much, much worse than being mortally wounded with a lead ball through the liver.)

But I dunno.

There is an analogy there somewhere I’m certain of it…


In the first eight months:

We’ve seen the stock market break record after record and soar to new highs. It’s amazing what optimism will do for a market coupled with a healthy dose of government deregulation (ALL Businesses LOVE deregulation, because regulations tend to strangle more than help). Yeah, yeah – Obama was handed a raw deal. True. But his economic policies kept it in the dumps longer than it should have, just like FDR’s New Deal programs delayed the recovery from the Great Depression. Do you remember right up to the election how the Media was screaming that the sky would fall if Trump was elected and the stock market would plummet 20% because he’s SO BAD and we would enter this horrific depression and the world would end? Instead it went UP 20%.

Which brings me to another feather in Trumps cap. He promised 2 regulations removed for every new one implemented. Last I saw that ratio is actually 16 regulations kicked to the curb for every 1 new one! This is speculated to save businesses 4 BILLION dollars. That’s $4 Billion dollars that is better spent investing and expanding, adding jobs, devising new methods, tech advancements, etc. (Que the Socialists screaming that the CEO’s will just pocket the 4 Billion while the people suffer in squalor…  Maybe they WILL pocket a big chunk of it, but so what? You think they aren’t going to spend that money on new mistresses and super cars? The money will go back into the economy and spur other businesses. See the result so far below.)

One Million new jobs added. That’s one million people who are going to work. Think of the economic boost of that. One Million more people have money to spend(thereby stimulating the rest of the economy). One Million more people are paying into the government tax system instead of taking from it. This is huge. This is magnificent. This should be celebrated.

We’ve seen ISIS on the verge of defeat, after years of Obama’s inaction as thousands were tortured, raped, and murdered by the barbaric ‘JV Team’. I suppose Obama’s Legacy was more important than Humanity, because he didn’t want to get mired down in a war caused by him not listening to our Generals and bringing back troops to early.  Jokes on you, you are the first President to be at war every single day of their Presidency. Someone should have made a War Monger medal for you. We should make it look like a giant tear drop with streaks of blood.

We’ve FINALLY seen a hard stance taken against North Korea. It’s a shame it’s taken around 60 years for a President to stop kicking that Human Rights Violating Can down the road and decide it’s time to do something(unfortunately they now have the ability to hit our homeland because we waited TO LONG!). The sanctions were a huge win, we cut their exports(income) by 2/3rds! He even got the Ruskies and Chinese on board! (BTW – The UN has ‘adopted a resolution condemning NK on Human Rights Violations’ every year since 2003. But they are to busy running guns, drugs, and child sex slave rings in third world countries to actually do something about it.) Every time I see some meme or mention about how ‘Say what you want about Obama – but under him I never worried about a NUCLEAR WAR!’ – it makes me angry. But it’s true. Because he was a gutless pansy who was to busy implementing Climate Change policies to ‘save future generations’ while he allowed North Korea and Iran get closer and closer to nukes that would wipe out millions in the present if launched.

We’ve seen 11,000 jobs cut out of the Federal Government. FINALLY! Obama added 60,000 government jobs in his first 6 months and Dub Bush added 50,000. This is a move in the right direction in cutting wasteful spending.

We are seeing finally seeing the tide of illegal immigration turning. The drastic drain on our countries social, medical, judicial, and educational system and resources is beginning to slow. We are at the lowest illegal immigration rate in 17 years, down almost 60%. That’s without a WALL! That’s by just letting the current laws actually be implemented as they should, allowing the Border Patrol to do their job, and removing the biggest driving force behind illegal immigration – free stuff. We are either a nation of Laws or a nation of Lawlessness. Trump is allowing the enforcement of Law.

He exposed the Media and Democrats for who they really are. The party of hate, lies, misconceptions, and intolerance. We’ve said it for years, that the Media is basically the left arm of the Democratic party. Now they don’t even try to act impartial. It’s a hate mongering fest of Anti-Trump 24/7. Every new leak, every new development, every misstep is broadcasted in the worst light possible and anything positive is stamped down or shoved to a back page. Anything potentially bad is rapidly disseminated without verification in hopes of over-turning his presidency with public outcry, or hoping something will actually stick so they can remove him from office, or at the least making it as difficult as possible to implement the agenda he was elected for.

He exposed the Republicans for who THEY really are. The wish-washy Elitist Club who will say anything to be elected then fail us when they have the ability to win. Nothing is more disgusting than their inability to ACT. My own party has become the back stabbing Power Crazed Clique who will protect their elitism from any outside commoner who dares to not toe the party line and hold them accountable. Majority of them are gutless and unworthy of re-election. McCain comes to mind. Grrr.

He pushed American energy independence. The XL pipeline was a start. The EPA is getting their spiteful butts kicked up and down Washington as they are finally reigned in from their over-reaching business crushing actions. He backed out of the needless Paris Accord on Climate Change, where we would have punched ourselves in the economic groin for decades while China and India get a boost on the world stage from our self-inflicted economic wounds. (Because we REALLY should just let India, a Cast-System, and China, a bunch of filthy Communists, be front and center on the world stage instead of a Democratic Republic that promotes FREEDOM and PROSPERITY)

He got Gorsuch for the Supreme Court. This is magnificent. Not only did he get a super-duper awesome Textualist. (Believes the Constitution is a binding legal document, NOT a living document that changes interpretation through the generations) He’s a big supporter of religious rights and against government-overreach. This YUGE WIN aside, Trump is also rocking the Federal Judicial Court system, with 20 plus strict conservative  judge appointments and the opportunity for upwards of 100. An unprecedented amount. Now he needs to shatter the 9th District (The Nutty 9th) and break their insane liberal stranglehold.

Held the VA Accountable. Under Obama only 13-14 people were fired after the VA scandal broke. Now over 500 have been fired and 200 suspended in the last six months. Clean the house!

He bombed Syria. Remember Obama’s Red Line? He may have been well-mannered, polished, and charismatic, but he did nothing and then the entire world knew he was a scrotum-less chump.  Our enemies were emboldened and our allies weakened. Trump did it and both parties and the world applauded him for it.  Audentes Fortuna Iuvat…. Fortune Favors the Bold.

Good stuff.

We should be reveling his achievements. That means we should be drinking, dancing, and enjoying ourselves in a rambunctious and loud manner. Yes. LETS!

But of course the Media is searching for the Russian-Collusion Boogey-Man, trying to sway popular opinions against him, and trying to dethrone a duly elected president.

There’s a party-pooper at every party.

Now – Again, he’s not without flaws and failures. I’m not a mindless drone trying to elevate Trump to a position he doesn’t deserve.

The guy trips himself up over and over again. He will do something magnificent and then ruin the momentum of it by tweeting or doing something stupid and unimportant.

I get it.

When someone says something mean about him, Trump isn’t going to lay down and take it. He’s going to swing back. And that’s a great sight to behold… sometimes. Especially after years of spineless Republicans getting battered around by the left without putting their dukes up. But a lot of times he sabotages himself as everyone around him has to go into damage control or fight the blatant media spin.

A good example is how he is handling Korea, Fire and Fury. Awesome! Then he calls out McConnell for being a worthless hack who can’t get the job done after seven years of empty talk and hints that he should resign. Sweet!

Then he fumbles Putin kicking our diplomatic staff out. Putin’s goons have been terrorizing our diplomatic staff for years now. Including killing their dogs, breaking in and intentionally leaving lights on, etc. Trumps response was moronic, “Oh thanks for cutting government jobs, I’ve been wanting to do that!”. NO NO NO. Bend Putin over and spank him. Even if that was tongue in cheap, you need to have a firm and forceful response. Don’t show weakness, they don’t respect that.

Now that response brings back up the Russia-Collusion Theory. The Media loves that baseless claim. Sheesh – It’s not like he gave 20% of our Uranium to Russia then received a bunch of Clinton Foundation Donations… Oh I know, Snopes will disagree with me. That’s because they have a blatant leftist leaning. Did you know that the Founder of Snopes has been accused of fraud, embezzlement, and prostitution? But Snopes is a bastion of truth! (They should go back to debunking internet and email chains and stay out of politics.)

BTW – Did you know that when Hillary gave that famous red button to the Ruskies when she was Sec of State, they mistranslated the word on it? It was supposed to say ‘Reset’ and instead it actually said, “Overload”.

LOL. That’s irrelevant, but funny.

Back to his tweets, the majority are actually good. They talk about what he is doing, what he wants to do, or the progress he has made. But for every hundred good tweets, the media will pick up on the one cruddy one to go mainstream with. Because they WANT everyone to think he’s a mean spirited unhinged lunatic who is dangerous to us all and we just HAVE to stop him!

So, good deeds, bad words.  I’m okay with that.

And if you ever find yourself sad or you worry that the Conservative movement is going to fail and falter under Trump… Or that those turd-burgling party-poopers are going to get him removed from office and face the WRATH of the people…

Just remember that under Obama the Democrats lost over 1,200 state and federal positions. As a party they aren’t even a National Party anymore, they are a handful of hold-out cities. Which are typically crime ridden, sky-high taxed, politically corrupt dens of hell that we only visit for the Beach, Pizza, and Monuments.

They’ve neutered themselves and now they are willing to sacrifice other organs as they continue their progressive dreams of change. (I’ll take a Kidney in the 2018 Elections please!)

As they do this I believe more people will flee the party of hate and discontent.  Kind of like how Trump and Reagan left them. That’s two Presidents you could have had in the bag!

I know. The Polls! The POLLS! They say the entire country HATES TRUMP! Lowest approval rate of all presidents! (That one had a 14% higher number of Democrats included in the sample – Go figure). Look back to the primaries, the majority of polls were wrong. Constantly.

Remember how Hillary was going to smoke-check Trump in the Election? Even though she had to cancel events because there were to few people turning out and Trump was filling stadiums and auditoriums. Hillary’s team was poppin’ bottles of champagne on their planes before a single state had recorded it’s results yet. Remember the smug look giving way to despair and angst on all the newscasters faces as the results rolled in and the realization sunk in? GLORIOUS. There were actual TEARS! And people think they are unbiased?!

Don’t trust the polls.

Every election they say, “So close! So Close! Or “Left will SMASH the right!” Kind of like every special election we’ve had this year to replace Trumps Cabinet picks, the Left is going to win. Then the Right does by usually a comfortable margin.

Polls are incredibly easy to bias. I took Statistics in college. I got a bad grade in it…. But the only thing that mattered to me was the first day of class when we were told, “Stats are never absolute or without some bias, can always change, and are easily influenced and swayed to get the desired outcome.” I think of that every time I see a Poll.

So ignore the nay-saying and wishful impeachment thinking. Instead think about all the amazing achievements that an Establishment Republican never would have had the cojones to back or implement that Trump has managed to do. They might be buried under the media narrative, but they are there, and they are grand.

Because – Good. Bad. He’s the guy with the Presidency.





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McCain may have been a hero once, but he’s a traitor now.

McCain’s legacy won’t be a heroic act he performed 44 years ago, but the act of ultimate betrayal to millions he performed THIS year.

No surprise though, the man has always been a garbage conservative and worthy of contempt.

I held my nose and voted for him when he ran for President. Even though I really disliked him and was ticked off that the Republican Primary operates in such a way that a handful of states narrows down the playing field. So when it’s North Carolina’s turn, the only one left on the ballot is the Establishment’s Anointed One.

But apparently it was McCain’s turn to play in ’08, so they pushed a wish-washy conservative. Then it was Romney’s turn in ’12, who was also a wish-washy conservative. Because the Establishment wanted to pull in a bunch of moderate voters while ignoring their conservative base.

Good job you hacks.

You deserve being Trumped in 2016. (Who ironically, pulled in more moderates and minorities than both of them without ignoring the conservative base)

And McCain’s most recent act of betrayal to his voters, erases the multi-decade old Hero status he once had..


Because he’s a scumbag politician who says whatever it takes to be elected then reneges on what he said he would do afterwards, only to lie again for his next re-election.

During the 2016 Re-Election when he was getting battered like a pinata by his opposition, he repeatedly said he supported the Repeal of Obamacare.  There are YouTube video’s of nothing but him saying repeatedly that we needed to repeal it.  Over and over.  I guess he said it often enough that his constituents believed him and gave him another term.

“It is clear that any serious attempt to improve our health care system must begin with a full repeal and replacement of Obamacare, and I will continue fighting on behalf of the people of Arizona to achieve it.” – McCain

“For the first time in history a major entitlement reform was rammed through the Congress without a single vote from the other side. I fought for weeks and weeks and weeks against Obamacare. They would not allow us an amendment. There was not a single amendment allowed. No input from the minority party.” – McCain


Then when the slimy worm had the opportunity to make it good on his promise, he craw-fishes back to the Democrats side.

Hero? No, Traitor.

You stood up for your fellow servicemen for five and a half years in captivity. Refusing release without them. Even though you desperately needed medical help and were tortured and beaten in an attempt to force you to plead guilty to war crimes. That’s unbelievably impressive.

Then you abandon over a million Arizona civilians who put their hope in your false promises.

That’s contemptible. 

That’s more disgraceful and dishonorable than abandoning servicemen.

They KNEW their country would try to get them back, they knew they were expected to sacrifice and suffer for a greater good(even if drafted).

But you, you pathetic little weasel, were not only the crushing blow to a million of your own voters, but the entire country who is suffering under the medical and economic burden of Obamacare.

I guess civilians need to sacrifice and suffer so you could stay in power, right?

Did you know McCain’s state had one of the highest premium jumps in the nation at 116% this year? To bad for them I suppose.

Personally I’m surprised the Arizonians aren’t sharpening pitch forks and lighting torches.

But this is not completely unexpected, the man has always sucked at being a conservative.

I would wager money that he relished that moment. The opportunity to stab Trump in the back after those hurtful words Trump said about how he had more respect for servicemen who aren’t captured.

Because revenge is more important than the benefits of Skinny Repeal:

“The Health Care Freedom Act would have repealed Obamacare’s individual and employer mandate, provided states flexibility on Obamacare insurance regulations through waivers, increased Health Savings Account (HSA) contribution limits, repealed Obamacare’s medical device tax, and defunded Planned Parenthood for one year.” -Breitbart

You know what really bothers me? (Among a bunch of other things about him)

He has brain cancer.

He also has Congressional Healthcare, not Joe Blow Healthcare like the rest of us.

He’s not at the VA Hospital.

Because THAT is Obamacare, the VA, a prime example of Federal Run Healthcare.

You know, the one people are shooting themselves in the parking lot of. Or dying while sitting in the waiting room. With no other option except to wait and pray for help.

He’ll be just fine, taken care of with the best of Healthcare paid for by… US.

But his constituents don’t deserve better than what they have.

He’s not alone.

That Lisa Murkowski lady from Alaska, should be recalled as well for doing the same thing.  Because all she has done this year is vote AGAINST every single Obamacare Repeal/Revamp/whatever bill.  After running on a platform against it.

“This law is not affordable for anyone in Alaska. That is why I will support the bill that repeals the ACA and wipes out its harmful impacts. I can’t watch premiums for Alaskans shoot up by 30 percent or more each year, see businesses artificially constrained, or see the quality of public education decline.” – Murkowski (2016)

Seven years! 

Seven years of trying to repeal this horrific fiasco that turned out just like all these crazy right wing loons said it would.(Funny how they KEEP being right about things) Oh, all the Republicans banded together to vote for a Repeal Bill in 2015(Including Murkowski and McCain). Even though they KNEW Obama would veto it – but this way they could all come back home and say they voted against it and there was nothing they could do without the Presidency.


First the Republicans needed the House, we gave it to them.  Then they said they needed the Senate, we gave it to them. Then they said they needed the Presidency, we gave it to them.

And suddenly they can’t come to agreement, because it’s FOR REAL this time.

Apparently before they were playing Pretend Congress and once the ante went up they decided they didn’t want to play Real Congress.

So all those votes and bills, all those demands and requests of their voters, all the thinking and figuring and infighting…

Finally when it all comes time to poop or get off the pot…

We find out who was full of it the entire time.




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